Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Jesse Tree - Day 3

Today, for Day 3 of our Jesse Tree, we made a "Sneaky Snake Ornament" (or so Maggie is calling it)!  We used a plastic apple from Hobby Lobby and hot glued onto it a thick, green piece of pipe cleaner for our snake.  We then added googly eyes, a small ribbon for the forked tongue, and a gold ribbon to the stem for hanging.  Maggie hooked it and our ornament was done!  Very easy.
 On our Jesse Tree!


  1. Oh Rachel, these are SO FANTASTIC! We started our advent tree on Monday too. I looked at your devotional book....I absolutely love Ann Voskamp. (Have you read One Thousand Gifts?) We will probably do that one next year. I figured Emma was on the upper end of Truth in Tinsel so we would do that this year, then move on to Jesse Tree next year.

    We are doing the same thing with Truth in the Tinsel....I bought the download for the paper ornaments, but we decided to make our own instead. Isn't this the absolutely BEST part of December?? It will be fun to see your tree fill up. I love how creative you are....that tree cookie was the perfect idea! We have friends who do a real tree every year, and before they take it out after Christmas, they always cut a tree cookie off the bottom of the trunk to make an ornament out of it. They have been married for 25 years now, so they have 25 tree cookie ornaments hanging on their tree and I think that is so special! I have always had an artificial tree (allergies), but I'm envious of their tradition. I will have to tell her about your clever idea.

    Happy Advent!!

    1. Brooke, you always give me a little more steam! Thank you for your kind words!

      I haven't read One Thousand Gifts, but I'm guessing I should? I checked out Truth in the Tinsel and thought Maggie was ready for something a little older, so we are just coming up with ornament ideas for the Jesse Tree as we go. Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration, as always, but I do like to be as creative as possible. I got the idea for the tree cookie when I saw the birch slice at Hobby Lobby. And then, it just went from there.

      How NEAT what your friends do with the trunk cutting from each of their Christmas trees! I think that is such a beautiful tradition!

      Happy Advent to you, too! Thank you for always peeking in on us! I have enjoyed your posts as well! :)