Sunday, July 6, 2014

VBS 2014 Desserts

I was in charge of desserts again this year for VBS at our church.  We taught the children about grace using the Gangway to Galilee curriculum, decorating with all things nautical.  Here are four of the desserts I made, two of which I had found on Pinterest.  This first one my husband made, and we called it "Catch o' the Day Cake."  It was decorated with buttercream frosting, colored fondant, and M&Ms.  The picture is deceiving, but this sucker was actually over two feet long!  The kids loved it.
 On Night 2, I made this simple gelatin dessert which I had first seen on Pinterest.  I called it "Jiggermast Jell-O."  It was very easily made with blue raspberry Jell-O, mandarin orange slices, and paper sails on toothpicks.
Night 3 was another Pinterest find.  I called them "Dock Doughnuts," and simply added cuts of strawberry Fruit by the Foot to frosted doughnuts.  (I had Krispy Kreme specially make them for me with white icing.)
 And for Night 4, I had decided to make what I called "Castaway Cupcakes" using blue raspberry-flavored cupcakes, frosted with blue raspberry icing, and decorated with blue and silver sprinkles, a white and red gummy ring (purchased from Amazon), and a paper "S.O.S." flag on a toothpick. 
 I can already picture my Paleo-mother cringing when she reads this post!  But the kids loved the treats, of course, and that was the point!  Mission accomplished!  I can't wait to see what VBS theme we will choose next year!