Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Fairy Garden!

Right now, fairy gardens are all the rage!  If you haven't heard, fairy gardens are basically indoor container gardens of small plants, with cute little miniature pieces added that might be enticing for a fairy to stop by.  We first got excited about making one when we saw all the fairy gardens our friends, Leah and Lucy, had made at home.  They have them on the front porch, on the back porch, and in all places in between!  They are so fun and Maggie has been dying to make one!  After we researched which plants were safe for our cat, Emmett, we got to work!  Here are some pictures of our very first fairy garden!
 We bought our large bowl pot and plants from our local nursery.
 This cute stone we found at Michael's craft store ...
 ... along with the bike ...
 ... and the mini garden tools in the bike's basket!
 We even found a cute little gnome door at Michael's which we placed in front of this large, round plant (called "Baby Tears") to look like the entrance to a little Hobbit house! 
The wooden stepping stones were purchased at Joann's craft store.  (This week, their garden miniatures are 40% off, plus with my teacher's discount, it was an extra savings!  Score!)
Here is our fairy garden, getting a drink!
 These cute little toadstools were also found at Michael's.  We purchased our rocks and soil at Lowe's.
Here is our fairy garden, in our classroom window!
 (We purchased the trellis at Joann's, too.)
 So fun!
Happy Tuesday!