Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stars and Stripes

What a rainy day!  I was glad we didn't have any social events today, because the storms were downright torrential and it was nice to have plenty to do inside.  Here are some photos from today:

In honor of Geography Awareness Week, today, we studied our country.  After some reading, we looked at and discussed a map of the United States, counting the states, and pointing out all its bodies of water and mountains.  
 Then, using an online printout of the US, she colored her home state in green and the other states she has visited in red.
 Four states for four years!  We then discussed an idea that Daddy and I had for an ongoing homeschooling lesson ...
Al bought me this book years ago for Christmas, when Maggie was only an infant, and we're using it as a basis for our future travels.  We got the idea for an ongoing homeschooling project, and as a treat to ourselves, that we would learn about, then visit, every state in our country, being sure not to miss the suggestions laid out in this book by Frommer's.  It will give us an opportunity to see our whole country ourselves, to share that gift with Maggie, and to keep her learning all at the same time!  We plan on learning about each state weeks prior to our visit, then keeping our travels in a scrapbook so that when she's older and leaves our home, she has a record of her journeys.  Once we've satisfied the states goal, we'll look to do some travelling abroad.  We've already started planning our first voyage ... an early Spring trip to South Carolina!  We'll keep you posted!  (I'm thinking a reading of Flat Stanley before our journey commences might be in order!)
We then went on to learn about our country's flag, and colored the same, being sure to discuss how each of the fifty stars represents each of the fifty states.
(Her coloring is getting so good!)  :)
Then, we made the 'Handprint American Flag' as seen at, using white paper, red, blue, and white paint, a paintbrush, scissors, silver star stickers, and a wooden skewer, sharp point removed.  (The site, however, used a Popsicle stick, which may be easier for small hands.)
Using your paint and brush, paint your child's hand like below, making the palm blue, and the fingers red and white, alternatively, for your flag's stripes.  Leave the thumb unpainted.
 Press onto your paper.
Once dry, add your star stickers to the blue portion of your 'flag,' then cut out.  
Adhere to your skewer or Popsicle stick with a small piece of tape.  Very cute.
Later, for her journal entry, I asked her, 'What state do you most want to visit and why?'  Her answer?  'Alabama, because Grandma and Grandpop live there.'  (So sweet.)  This is her picture of my Dad and Mom, with her version of the state of Alabama in orange between them.  (Yes, Dad, she failed to give you hair!)
For a Thanksgiving craft, we made the 'Pilgrim-Indian Chain' out of our Happy Thanksgiving! Things to Make and Do book by Judith Conaway, pages 28-31, by scanning the book's pictures of the Pilgrims and Native Americans onto my computer and printing out the same.  Once printed, we cut them out, linked their arms, and hung them over our door.
And in our study of the letter Ii this week, we made an uppercase I and lowercase i with ice.
And for our last project of the day, as suggested by my trusty The Everything Toddler Activities Book by Joni Levine, M.Ed., we set a 'Turkey Trap,' using a cardboard box, a stick, and some kernels of corn (page 256).  You'll have to peek in on us tomorrow afternoon to see what we caught!  

Today, we also:
Daily (Calendar/Weather):
1.  We completed our calendar activities, putting today's date up on the calendar, and discussing the month, what day of the week it is, what season, and what kind of weather we're having.
Bible Study:
1.  We completed the daily devotion out of out God and Me book for today's date, 'Cooking,' about being thankful to God for our many foods and the many ways we can prepare them.  Then, we read Luke 22:7-13 together.
Geography Awareness Week:
1.  We read In My Country by Heather Adamson.
1.  We read The Very First Thanksgiving Day by Rhonda Gowler Greene.
2.  We read Thanksgiving Wish by Michael J. Rosen.
3.  We read Thanksgiving in the White House by Gary Hines.
4.  We read The Peterkin's Thanksgiving by Elizabeth Spurr.
5.  We read The Thanksgiving Door by Debby Atwell.
6.  We read A Midwestern Corn Festival: Ears Everywhere by Lisa Gabbert.
Letter Ii Review:
1.  We read Short i and Long i Play a Game by Jane Belk Moncure.
2.  We read Phonics Tales! The Little Pink Pig by Liza Charlesworth.
3.  We completed pages 110-111 of our Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Read workbook, which requires her to identify objects that begin with the i sound and identify the difference between the long and short sounds of i.
4.  We completed pages 46-47 of our Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Read workbook, which requires her to recognize and write lowercase letters g, h, and i, and match the uppercase letters G, H, and I to their lowercase partners.
5.  We completed page 9 of our Rain Forest workbook, which requires her to write both uppercase I and lowercase i, and identify the pictures that have an i in the spelling of that picture.
6.  We practiced writing lowercase i on page 4 of our Learn with Dick and Jane: lowercase letters workbook.

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