Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Peek-a-BOO Ghost'

Happy Halloween Week!  WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!  We have decided to devote all of our learning this week (with the exception of some letter work) to Halloween, so look for craft and snack ideas in every post leading up to the big day.  Here are a few things we did today:

Especially for Beverly, for the second installment of our 'Glue Ghoulery Necklace,' we used some black string, a black marker, scissors, and our glued ghosts from Sunday, now dried onto our wax paper.
Gently peel your dried ghosts off of the wax paper.
Next, draw spooky faces on your ghosts.
Finally, poke a small hole into the top of each ghost, using your scissors, and string for a cute Halloween-themed necklace!
Mags, your 'ghoulery' is simply divine!  :)
For a snack, we made the 'Cinnamon Tortilla Pumpkins' as seen in Yum for Kids magazine, Volume 2, No. 3, page 86.  To make them, you need flour tortillas, canola oil, and cinnamon sugar, along with a paring knife and a frying pan for cooking.
 Heat about an inch of oil in a deep frying pan to medium heat.  While the oil is heating, use your knife to cut jack o' lanterns out of your flour tortillas, like below.
 Once the oil is heated, carefully place one of your tortillas into the pan and flip over when the side underneath is golden, about a minute.
 Turn over and let the second side get golden.
 When both sides are done, take your tortilla out of the pan and place on paper towels to help absorb any excess oil.  Repeat with your other tortilla(s).
 Lastly, sprinkle both sides of your tortilla jack o' lanterns with your cinnamon sugar.  Serve.
 A happy customer.
Halloween tastes great!  (If you would prefer not to fry, you can instead use the technique I used when making my snowflake tortillas, when I cut my tortillas in the shape of snowflakes, then spread them with a light layer of butter before sprinkling on my cinnamon sugar.  Those were just as much a hit!  See the post at http://homeschoolingmom2mags.blogspot.com/2011/01/some-of-last-years-projects.html.)
Later, we made the 'Peek-a-BOO Ghost' as seen at http://www.allkidsnetwork.com/crafts/halloween/peek-a-boo-ghost.asp.  For it, you need a paper cup (we used a Halloween one), a small ghost made from construction paper, a Popsicle stick, scissors, and a glue stick.
 First, using your scissors, punch a small hole in the bottom of your cup, centered, then use your Popsicle stick to widen your hole to the same size as your stick, like below.
 Next, glue your paper ghost onto the end of your Popsicle stick.
Finally, feed your stick through your hole by placing your ghost into your cup.
 Offer someone a drink by handing them the cup, and then, 'BOO!' Scare them with your ghost inside!

Today, in addition to the above, we also:
1.  We read Halloween Howl adapted by Gail Herman.
2.  We read Garfield's Scary Surprise by Mark Acey.
3.  We read Halloween Treasure Hunt by Alison Inches.
4.  We read Don't Go Up Haunted Hill ... Or Else! by I. K. Swobud.
5.  We watched our Mickey's House of Mouse Villains DVD.

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