Monday, April 18, 2011

We're here!

Well, you may have noticed that we didn't leave a post on Friday.  We were having a hectic day and then received some very unfortunate news about Al's dad, so it put a stop to the presses temporarily.  We will be posting again tomorrow after Forest Friends, with the start of a week-long curriculum on Earth Day and some last-minute Easter projects!  I also decided to extend our Alphabet curriculum by a few days, as we still have some books and letter games that I want us to cover.  Further, I am announcing next week a Spring Break week for us.  We need a breather and it will give me time to gear up on my Summer curriculum, as I don't intend to take the three-month break that many do.  (We will take a few weeks off, but not the entire summer.)  So, if we do any boredom-buster projects next week that I think you might like me to share, I will post those, but I'm taking the pressure of a full week's curriculum off the both of us until May 3!  See you soon and thanks for reading!

Rachel and Maggie  :)

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