Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flower Power

Hello again!  Today was busy with homeschooling, a trip to the library, and errands at both the grocery and craft stores.  Nevertheless, we are here and with more projects under our belts!  Enjoy! 

Yesterday's 'Sprout Shapes' project came under much scrutiny since I lacked the alfalfa seeds that it called for.  My mom thought the hulls of the grass seed that we used in place of the alfalfa might be too tough to crack from just a moist paper towel.  My husband agreed.  So, we carefully added a paper towel to the top of our shapes, and sprayed it wet, hoping to encourage the sprouting process.  It remains to be seen whether or not this will work.  Again, if you are lucky enough to get alfalfa seeds, those should be used instead.
Another ongoing project has been watching our luna moth, 'Little Fella,' transform in his cocoon.  Honestly, we were worried he might not be ok in there, but last night, we again heard him shifting and scratching, so we can rest easy he's A-OK!  We added more branches for him to climb on once he emerges.  It can't be too much longer ...
 The materials for our St. Patrick's Day green paper boutonnieres (We used coffee filters rather than the recommended large muffin cups, which would have cost more and required a trip to the craft store.  It worked great!) ...
After folding the coffee filter in half four times, we wrapped the stem in green floral tape, spread out the paper layers for the blossom (using scissors to snip a few into smaller petals), and watercolored the ends green.
We then added a ribbon and safety pin!
 Proudly wearing her boutonniere to the grocery store this morning ...
 Ready to plant some Spring flowers of our own ...
 Adding soil to our little pots ...
 Adding water once the seeds were covered ...
 The materials for our 'Blossom Trees' ...
 We made a brown trunk, then added green leaf shoots with crayon ...
 Then, we added the 'blossoms' (popcorn)!
 Once dry, we lightly watercolored the kernels with some pink paint ... cherry blossoms!  (You may want to add more to your tree for a more realistic effect.)
 Counting out the popsicle sticks needed for our 'Flower Power' craft ...
Adding some glue ...
 And now, letting our blossoms and stems dry before attaching them  ...
All done!
 Our 'W' worm ...
Here, we're starting our toilet paper tube shamrock prints. (Thanks for the great idea, MaryLea!)  Bend your toilet paper tube into a heart shape, and paint the edge green.
 Stamp onto your paper, three times, points meeting, then add a stem.
A shamrock!

Today, we:
1. We attended Preschool Adventures at North Columbus Library where we studied St. Patrick's Day, of course!
Letter 'W':
1. We found the 'W's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'W.'
2. We made the 'W' worm out of our Alphabet and Counting workbook, page 50.
1. We read Magic Spring: A Korean Folktale by Nami Rhee.
2. We read Poppleton in Spring by Cynthia Rylant.
3. We read Word Bird's Spring Words by Jane Belk Moncure.
4. We read Hopper Hunts for Spring by Marcus Pfister.
5. We watched the Animal Jam: Springin! DVD that we borrowed from the library.
6. We listened to the following four songs on the Romping CD that we borrowed from the library:
     1) 'Time for Jody/I'm So Happy' (track 2);
     2) 'Little April Showers' (track 3);
     3) 'Spring' (track 4); and
     4) 'It's Spring' (track 5).
7. We planted some spring flower seeds in our little pots for the window sill.
8. We planted our Strawberry Grow Kit.
9. We made 'Flower Power' popsicle stick flowers.
10. We made the 'Blossom Trees' craft in our The Everything Toddler Activities Book, page 238, using popcorn.
St. Patrick's Day:
1. We read Mary McLean and the St. Patrick's Day Parade by Steven Kroll.
2. We made the green paper boutonnieres (as shown on the Family Chic website, to wear on our shirts to the library in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 
3. We made the toilet paper tube shamrock prints as shown on  (If you have not yet seen her website, she is the guru on kiddie art!)
1. We played with our new number magnets, identifing each number.  (We will start writing our numbers tomorrow.)

Thank you for checking in!  Tomorrow, we'll be doing a 'Seedy Sock Walk' and planting what will be our 'Green-haired Porcupine!'  Come back and see!


  1. Looks like a fun and VERY BUSY day!!! : )

    pink and green mama,

  2. I'm so tickled you commented! Thank you! :D