Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Queen of Hearts

Hi again!  Today was VERY busy, with a full day of homeschooling, as well as a trip to the library and the grocery store, but we managed to get it all done.  Here are some photos, followed by the rundown:

Sharing crayons with a new friend at the library ...
 Working on her library craft ... a peace mobile.
 Making our 'Cover Your Cough' craft ...
 Testing out the movable hand with tissue ...
' Aaaaah ... aaaaah ...
 And, then, working on our 'Share Chart,' where we separated everyday items into two categories: those we can share with friends, and those that we shouldn't share with friends.  She got all of them correct!
Then, she reviewed them aloud to me ... :)
 After lunch, we got an unexpected visit at our back door ... a slug!
 Returning him to the outside ...
'See you later, Slug!'
 Working on our 'Queen of Hearts' crown.  (We did this craft as part of our study of the letter 'Q,' but applied it to Valentine's Day as well by adding heart stickers.)
 Introducing ... The Queen of Hearts!
 Checking herself out in the mirror ...
The ingredients for our heart-shaped tortilla chips ...
 Cutting the tortillas ...
 Ready for decoration ...
 Here is The Queen of Hearts, decorating her snack ...
 Ready for the oven ...
Our Heart-shaped Tortilla Chips!
 YUM!  :)
 Making a flower out of paper hearts ...

Today, we:
1. We attended Preschool Adventures at North Columbus Library where we studied Martin Luther King, Jr., and his goals for peace and harmony.  (We read Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King by Jean Marzollo, I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson, and The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle.)
Letter 'Q':
1. We found the 'Q's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'Q': queen, quilt, and quiet.
2. We made the queen's crown as shown in High Five magazine, January 2011, page 26.  (We decorated ours with hearts in honor of Valentine's Day and called ourselves 'The Queen of Hearts.')
Healthy Habits (Cold Prevention):
1. We read Colds by Jason Glaser.
2. We reread pages 10-13 of Oh, the Things You Can Do that are Good for You! by Tish Rabe (about covering your mouth when you sneeze).  I will share a portion of it here for you to enjoy:
          'Sneezing shoots germs out all over the place,
          so lift up your arm and cover your face.
          Sneeze into your elbow so friends won't get sick.
          Or sneeze into a tissue and throw it out quick!'
3. We made a 'Cover Your Cough!' craft where we used a tracing of her hand and a paper plate, and attached the two using a brad, so that when the face 'sneezes,' it can 'Please, please, please, catch that sneeze!' with the tissue in its hand.
4. We read Rotten Ralph Feels Rotten by Jack Gantos.
5. We made a 'Share Chart' with two sub-headings ('Share' and 'Don’t Share') under which she separated different pictures (a toy, a cup, a toothbrush, a book, a straw, a tissue, a comb, a spoon, crayons, etc.).
6. We watched our Sid the Science Kid: Feeling Good Inside and Out: The Big Sneeze DVD.
7. We watched the Sesame Street: Happy Healthy Monsters DVD that we borrowed from the library.  (I was pleased when she asked me for a glass of milk because Grover was drinking one!) 
Opposites (Left/Right):
1. We played with her opposites puzzle cards again and pulled out the 'Left/Right' card for further study.
2. We completed a Left/Right worksheet in our Before I Do Math workbook.
3. We completed the 'Left to Right' and 'Find the Food' worksheets (pgs. 8-9) in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Read book.
4. We completed the Left/Right worksheets (pgs. 10-12) in our Care Bears Thinking Skills workbook.
5. For review, we completed the four Same/Different worksheets that required her to identify the same/different object in each group.
1. We completed the 'Park Play' worksheet in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Math book, page 30 (a numerical dot-to-dot).
2. We completed a counting worksheet that required her to circle the correct numeral for each set of pictures.
Valentine's Day:
1. We read The Berenstain Bears' Funny Valentine by Stan & Jan Berenstain.
2. We read The Little Engine That Could: Valentine's Day Surprise by Monique Z. Stephens.
3. We read Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter! by Mercer Mayer.
4. We read ABC Valentine by Pamela Jane.
5. We read Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London.
6. We watched our Mickey & Minnie's Sweetheart Stories DVD.
7. We made paper flowers out of hearts.
8. We made the heart-shaped tortilla chips as shown in Family Fun magazine, February 2011, pg. 51.

Check back with us tomorrow when we delve into 'Staying Clean' in our Healthy Habits curriculum (with two science projects!) as well as complete our letter 'Q' page and make a special Valentine's craft using cornstarch!

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