Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Opposites Attract

Hi, readers!  Welcome to our 20th week of homeschooling!  We went to Toddler Time at Columbus Museum today where we made a mirror and played in the Transformations room, then came home to start our study of the letter 'P,' as well as continue our learning of Winter/Snow, Opposites, and Numbers.  Here are today's photos:

At Toddler Time, working on her mirror in the art room ...
 The back of her mirror ...
 In the Transformations room, playing with the lightbox (her favorite!) ...
Here, we had built a house 'for the robots.'
 And now, constructing her robots ...
 Materials for our Snowman Spoon Puppets ...
 All done!
 Putting together her numbers puzzle ...
 And doing some review worksheets on Same/Different ...
 Here she is, playing with her opposites puzzle cards.  (Thank you, Aunt Rose!)  I was quite surprised (and pleased!) that there were only a few she didn't know.  (We hadn't even covered this prior.) 
In detail, today, we:
1. We attended Columbus Museum's Toddler Time, where we talked about our images in a mirror, read a book, then completed a craft where we made our own mirrors.  We then played in the Transformations room for a while where she took full advantage of the lightbox!
Letter 'P':
1. We looked at and discussed big letter 'P' and little letter 'p' and words that start with 'P': pie, peanut butter, peacock, pool, popcorn, pecans, penguin, please, plate, pencil, pig, paint, pear, pineapple, poem, etc.
2. We read My 'p' Book by Jane Belk Moncure.
1. We read Snow by Joan Clark.
2. We read Snow by Uri Schulevitz.
3. We read Millions of Snowflakes by Mary McKenna Siddals (about snow and counting).
4. We read Spot's Snowy Day by Eric Hill.
5. We read the 'Five Little Snowmen' action poem (and acted out the same) in High Five magazine, December 2010, pg. 34.
6. We made Snowman Spoon Puppets, using white plastic spoons.
1. We watched our Sesame Street's Numbers DVD.
2. We completed our Crayola 'Count Me' puzzle, which displays both the numerical form and spelling of the numbers one through ten.
3. We listened to the Sesame Street: Numbers CD that we borrowed from the library.
4. We completed two numbers worksheets (one covering the numbers 1-3 and the other that required her to circle the groups of two on the page).
5. We counted everything we came in contact with today.
1. We did four review worksheets that required her to identify same and different objects in groups.
2. We played with her opposites puzzle cards that her Aunt Rose gave us.

We'll do more tomorrow after a visit to North Columbus Library for Preschool Adventures (her favorite activity during the week).  Check back with us!

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