Friday, January 7, 2011

'O' is for Owl!

Happy Friday!  Here are some photos from today's learning:

Making snowflakes (her favorite part was unfolding them to see what we made with our scissors) ...
 And, hanging them in the kitchen window for 'Little Fella' to enjoy (for his safety, we removed him from the sill before she started taping) ...
 All done!  And 'Little Fella' is back to enjoy his new digs!  :)
 Adding water to our ice cube tray so we can see what happens when we put the water in the cold (freezer) ...
 In the freezer!
And then out again!  We have ice!
 Our ice!  She insisted that we watch it become water again ... she's getting it!
 Snowflake raisin toast for snack!
 'Finger Skating Art' ... painting with our two fingers to the music of 'Skater's Waltz.'
 Making pairs with her 'Matching Mittens' ... this was a great week to do this because it correlated with our winter theme and the concept of same/different that we've been studying. 
 Then, we turned them over for a game of 'Mittens Memory!'
 Practicing writing her 'O's!
 Her 'O' letter page!
 Making our 'O is for Owl' letter craft ...
 Oh!  It's our owl!  :)
 Completing her same and different worksheets ...

Today, we:
Letter 'O':
1. We practiced writing big letter 'O' and little letter 'o,' both on paper, and in the sugar tray.
2. We made an 'O is for Owl' craft, using the letter as the body for our owl.
1. We read When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan.
2. We read A to Z Winter by Tracy Nelson Maurer.
3. We read Stella Queen of the Snow by Marie-Louise Gay.
4. We read Who Lives in the Snow? by Jennifer Berry Jones.
5. We read the 'Bert, Beth, and the Snowflakes' story in High Five magazine, December 2010, pgs. 6-9. After reading it, we made paper snowflakes together, then hung them in our kitchen window for 'Little Fella,' our cocooned caterpillar, to enjoy.
6. We read the 'Jake Learns to Skate' story in High Five magazine, December 2010, pgs. 20-23 (about ice skating).
7. We sang the 'Snowflakes Falling Down' song in her Just for Two’s book, page 9.
8. We sang the 'Snowflakes, Snowflakes' action song by Liz Ryerson.
9. We ate our snack (raisin toast) in the shape of snowflakes.
10. We made ice cubes together, discussing what happens to water when it's exposed to very cold temperatures.
11. We made 'Finger Skating Art' while listening to 'Skater’s Waltz,' moving our fingers through white paint, then across blue paper as if skating on ice.
Opposites (Same/Different):
1. We completed the 'Different' and 'The Difference is Clear' worksheets in our Getting Your Preschooler Ready to Read book, pages 20-21.
2.  We completed a review worksheet that required her to circle the items in the row that were the same.

That wraps up our first week back, post-break.  Next week, check back with us when we do some more winter work, and continue with Opposites, as well as start our study of the letter 'P' and numbers.

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