Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clean Hands Projects

Today was a lazy day at home, filled with science projects and Valentine goo (literally).  Here are some photos:

The 'Q' page of our letter book ...
 Our materials for our first science project ... a 'Clean Hands/Dirty Hands' project using potato slices!
 First, we dirtied our hands ...
(This was the fun part!)
 Then, we 'dirtied' two slices of our potato, and sealed them in the bag labeled, 'DIRTY.'
 After washing our hands, we placed two more slices of the potato in the bag labeled, 'CLEAN.'
 Our sealed bags.
 Using her magnifying class to better see the dirt on our 'DIRTY' potato slices ...
 We placed them in a paper bag and put them on top of the refrigerator for observation later over the next couple of weeks.  (Which potato slices will grow the most bacteria?  The dirty ones or the clean ones?)
 Our next project required us to get our hands dirty again!
 After they were good and dirty, she attempted to clean her hands with a dry paper towel.
 'They're still dirty!'
 Then, we washed them properly in soap and warm water and she could no longer see any dirt, even under her magnifying glass!  Lesson learned?  Proper washing takes soap and water!  :)
 The materials for our cornstarch glue hearts ...
 Our cornstarch glue (SO STICKY!) and our yarn pieces ...
 Our molds ...
 Dipping the yarn into the glue ...
 This project is not for the slightly OCD ... it was a sticky mess! 
 Molds removed!  Time for the oven for drying! 
All dry and hung!  I think they turned out great!
Today's rundown:
Letter 'Q':
1. We made the 'Q' page of our letter book.
Healthy Habits (Staying Clean and Brushing Teeth):
1. We read Staying Clean by Robin Nelson.
2. We reread pages 14-19 and pages 28-31 of Oh, the Things You Can Do that are Good for You! by Tish Rabe, about keeping your hands, body and teeth clean.
3. We read Sweet Tooth by Margie Palatini.
4. We read The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss.
5. We watched our Sid the Science Kid: Feeling Good Inside and Out: A Brush With Teeth DVD.
6. We performed a science experiment about hand-washing that involved getting our hands dirty, then wiping them 'clean' with a paper towel, versus washing our hands with soap and water.  (This project also reinforced one of today's opposites -- Clean/Dirty.)
7. We performed a second science experiment about hand-washing using raw potato slices, two plastic bags, and the handling of the same with first, clean hands, then second, dirty.  We will observe the changes and differences in the bags over the next two weeks.  (This project also reinforced one of today's opposites -- Clean/Dirty.)
8. We sang the 'Wash Your Hands' song.
Opposites (Big/Little and Clean/Dirty):
1. We played with her opposites puzzle cards again and pulled out the 'Big/Small (or Little)' card.
2. We completed the 'Big and Small' worksheet (with reusable stickers) in our Winnie-the-Pooh's 1-2-3 Sticker Storybook.
3. For review, we completed four Same/Different worksheets that required her to identify the same/different object in each group.  (These worksheets also reinforced today's opposite of Big/Little because the objects in each group only varied by size.)
1. We completed the dot-to-dot worksheet in our Before I Do Math workbook (page 31).
2. We completed the 'More and Less' worksheet (with reusable stickers) in our Winnie-the-Pooh's 1-2-3 Sticker Storybook.
Valentine's Day:
1. We read The Berenstain Bears' Valentine Party by Jan & Mike Berenstain.
2. We read The Great Valentine Mystery by Megan E. Bryant.
3. We read The Night Before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing.
4. We read Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Happy Heartwood Day by David Kirk.
5. We read The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll.
6. We watched our Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown DVD.
7. We made the cornstarch glue hearts as shown in Family Fun magazine, February 2011, pg. 24.

Tomorrow, check us out when we delve into Sleep and Exercise in our 'Healthy Habits' curriculum (including a craft where we make our own dumbbells) and make rice krispie treat hearts for snack!  We also have plans to see our buddies, Logan, Jayden, and McClendon, for lunch and some shopping, so we will be busy.  :)

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