Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Days in One!

Because of yesterday's 'sick day', we packed a lot in today.  After Preschool Adventures at the library, we came home and got right to work!  Some photos:

Showing off her craft at the library, a jack-o-lantern!
 This week, we're learning about the letter 'F.'
Today, we learned about boats as part of our transportation theme, so for Maggie's lunch, I made her a couple of sailboats (notice her 'F' sandwich surrounded by fish)!
 Then, we made some boats from old containers, straws, paper sails, etc.
 Our boats!
 Then, we sailed them!
 Of course, we added passengers (bugs)!
 The bee, checking on two drowned casualties. 
A video ... at the end, she requests to get 'naked' because I guess staying outside the tub while playing with the boats is just not as much fun
as getting in!  :)
And some more video of our boat sailing ...

Our toilet paper tube mouse, holding his cookie ...
Our pom-pom mouse, ears drying ...
Still wet, but looking better ...
And, making cookies ...
 Packing some for tomorrow's performance at The River Center ...
 And then snacking on some now ...
 And, then 'giving a mouse a cookie' ...
Our activities for today:
1.  We went to Preschool Adventures at the North Columbus Library where we learned about pumpkins (and made a paper jack-o-lantern).
Letter 'F':
1.  We discussed and looked at big letter 'F' and little letter 'f' and words that start with 'F': fruit, frog, flower, fork, fish, fort, feet, farm, firefighter, etc.
2.  We colored a frog worksheet.
3.  We found the 'F's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'F.'
4.  We had an 'F' sandwich with (gold)fish.
Transportation (Motorcycles and Boats):
1.  We listened to the 'Listen to My Motorcycle' song on her Wee Sing cassette tape.
2.  We read from Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes:
           1)  'I Saw Three Ships';
           2)  'Little Ships';
           3)  'I Saw a Ship-a-Sailing’ (pg. 58); and
           4)  'Tee-Wee’s Boat.'
3.  We read Boats! By Shana Corey.
4.  We read Boats, Boats, Boats by Joanna Ruane.
5.  We read Away Go The Boats by Margaret Hillert.
6.  We read Busy Boats by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.
7.  We read The Maggie B. by Irene Haas.
8.  We read Joe Boat by Sandy Riggs.
9.  We read Boat Book by Gail Gibbons.
10.  We made boats using plastic tubs, egg cartons, paper and styrofoam cups, lids, paper sails, straws, string, craft sticks, and playdough, then floated them in the bathtub.
11.  We had 'boats' (sails stuck into our food) with lunch.
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:
1.  We read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff again. 
2.  We made our toilet paper tube mouse with paper cookie.
3.  We made a pom-pom mouse and 'fed' him a cookie.
4.  We made chocolate chip cookies and packed some for tomorrow’s performance!

We also did some coloring of pumpkins after learning about them at the library.  So, tomorrow is our field trip to The River Center!  I can't wait!  After the show, we'll come home and do our letter page for the week and learn about trains (with plenty of crafts and activities), so check back in!

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