Friday, October 1, 2010

Leaf Extravaganza!

We wrapped up our fall study today with lots of projects involving leaves!  We also finished our letter 'E' activities and studied buses (part of our transportation theme) and started our If You Give a Mouse a Cookie curriculum, in time for our trip to The River Center next week to see it on stage!  Here are today's photos:

Coloring a picture of fall things ...
 Fall leaves color sorting sheet ...
 Out at Cooper Creek Park, finding fall leaves for today's activities ...
 Baby pine cones!  (We also discussed why theses types of 'leaves' are called evergreens.)
 And acorns!
 Eating lunch with our finds from the park ...
 Observing the differences in the leaves' edges ...
We found a leaf still attached to its branch!
But not for long!  :)
 Showing off the tracings we made of the leaves ...
 Crayon rubbings ...
She loved pointing out the veins in each leaf.
 Then, we made impressions in play dough ...
 And then, we made paint prints with the leaves!
I have learned (the hard way) that you can save yourself a lot of headache and a few tantrums with your three-year-old if you put a small dollop of paint on a tray, then hide the paint jars, so when that dollop is used up, it's acceptable.  (Out of sight, out of mind.)
We then tried out leaf pressing, marking our calendars for two weeks
from now when we can check on our pressed finds!
 Standing on our pressed leaves!
 And, of course, after making all of our observations, we used the leftover leaves to make leaf creatures!
(This one, I believe, is male!)  :)
 A leaf fish ...
 OF COURSE, we had to have a leaf robot ...
 And our leaf lady ... Mother Earth ...
 Checking out all her projects ...
Coloring her mouse, to which we 'gave' a cookie!

Today's activities included:
Letter 'E':
1.  We practiced writing big letter 'E' and little letter 'e.'
1.  We read Leaves by David Ezra Stein.
2.  We read Peepers by Eve Bunting.
3.  We colored her 'Autumn Things' coloring sheet.
4.  We completed her falling leaves color sorting worksheet with reuseable stickers.
5.  We collected fall leaves (and other treasures!) at Cooper Creek Park, then brought them home for discussion, observation and comparison.
6.  We made tracings of our leaves and compared the edges of each.
7.  We made crayon rubbings of our leaves and pointed out the veins in each, discussing the roles of the veins.
8.  We made leaf impressions in play dough.
9.  We made leaf prints with paints (in autumnal colors) on white paper.
10.  We sandwiched our favorite leaves between sheets of white paper, then newspaper, and stacked books on top to press them for projects in a couple of weeks (and to add to our science journal, which we'll be starting this week).
11.  We made leaf creatures with some of our leftover leaves.
Transportation (Buses):
1.  We read The Wheels on the Bus by Maryann Kowalski.
2.  We watched The Wheels on the Bus DVD that we borrowed from the library.
3.  We listened to 'The Wheels on the Bus' songs on both her Wee Sing in the Car cassette tape and her Toddler Tunes CD and compared the two.
4.  We sang the song, 'We're Riding on the Bus.'
5.  We watched her Disney's Pixar's Cars DVD.
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:
1.  We read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff, then colored our mouse coloring sheet, adding a cookie to his fist!

So, that ends Week 5!  We'll start again next Tuesday, after we get back from Forest Friends, where the theme is 'Green and Growing' (about plants).  We'll continue our transportation study, start the letter 'F,' and continue some If You Give a Mouse a Cookie projects in time for Thursday's show!  Stay tuned!

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