Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hibernating Bears

More catch-up today!  We did lots of Halloween reading and some projects to help her understand the concept of how bears prepare for their winter hibernation.  Here are some pictures:

Grabbing a brown pom-pom to pose as our bear in our Styrofoam cup cave ...
 Placing our bear in his cave ...
 Adding cotton ball snow ...
 Working on our 'I' letter page ...
 We got mail from Grandma and Grandpop!
 Her first priority was to complete the Halloween sticker pages Grandma and Grandpop sent!
 Making our 'Bear Bread' for lunch ...
 Ready to bake!
 Our 'BEAR'y good lunch of things bears eat ... fish (sticks), berries, nuts, and honey, along with one of our 'Bear Breads!'
 Our dining room table 'cave' with a bear named Maggie inside ...
 Pretending to be asleep like a bear in winter ...

Today we:
Letter 'I':
1. We found the 'I's in our letter magnets and spelled out words that start with 'I.'
2. We did the 'I' page of our letter book.
1. We read The Witches' Supermarket by Susan Meddaugh.
2. We read Cranberry Halloween by Wende and Harry Devlin.
3. We read Minerva Louise on Halloween by Janet Morgan Stoeke.
4. We watched The Dancing Pumpkin DVD that we borrowed from the library.
5. We read Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell.
6. We read Miranda's Ghost by Udo Weigelt.
7. We read Patty's Pumpkin Patch by Teri Sloat.
8. We read Pumpkin Town by Katie Mcky.
1. We read Old Bear by Kevin Henkes.
2. We read Bear on the Train by Julie Lawson.
3. We read Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming.
4. We made a hibernating bear craft using a Styrofoam cup (our cave), cotton balls (snow), and a brown pom-pom (our sleeping bear).
5. We made a cave of the dining table and blankets. We pretended to be slumbering bears in the cave.
6. We sang the 'Where is Bear?' song.
7. We had a lunch of berries, nuts, honey and fish (just as bears do to prepare for the long winter of hibernation), along with 'Bear Biscuits' that we made from refrigerator biscuits.

Check us out tomorrow when we start discussing how other animals adapt/hibernate/migrate for the cold weather!

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