Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today was full, full, full!  We just finished up about thirty minutes ago, and she's still begging to watch more of her farm video. 

We started the day at the Columbus Museum for Toddler Time, which consisted of a Dr. Seuss book and a monkey mask craft.  After visiting Daddy to show off our handiwork, we came home to start the new curriculum -- the letter 'C,' Circus (we're going on a field trip to the circus on Saturday), and Farm/Farm Animals/Farm Products.  Here are some photos from today:
Hanging her farm animal window clings ..
Strange, it looks like a foal is on our deck!

Putting together her farm animal puzzles ...

Coloring her barn red ...

After watching the Benjamin's Farm DVD that we borrowed from the library, she was clearly fascinated with the fact that her morning milk comes from cows, because I heard the rest of the day, "Cows have milk in their udders.  They need to get the milk out."  She's still talking about it ...

Working on a clown craft ...
She was so happy with the end result, though I have to admit ... I was NOT made for balloon tying.  It took me almost five minutes to tie this one (I realized I have never in my life tied a balloon before!), and I was so worried I'd disappoint her with no balloon nose.  Thank GOD it finally tied!  [sigh]  Pathetic.

Making our carousel snack ...
"It's SO much more fun eating it, Mom!"

Here's what we did today in detail:
Letter 'C':
1.  We discussed and looked at big letter 'C' and little letter 'c' and words that start with 'C.'  We also talked about all the words we were learning about today that start with 'C' -- circus, clown, cotton candy, cow, chicken, cat, etc.
1.  We read her The Farm board book.
2.  We read The Jolly Barnyard (a Golden book).
3.  We read Baby Farm Animals (a Golden book).
4.  We read Farm Animals by Brian Wildsmith.
5.  We read Caillou: A Day at the Farm by Joceline Sans Chagrin.
6.  We read Down on the Farm by Merrily Kutner.
7.  We read A Visit to the Farm by B. A. Hoend.
8.  We watched the Benjamin’s Farm DVD that we borrowed from the library.
9.  We played with the farm window clings in the back window.
10.  We colored a barnyard coloring sheet.
11.  We read the poem, 'The Farm.'
12.  We put together her two farm animal puzzles.
1.  We read If I Ran the Circus by Dr. Seuss.
2.  We read See the Circus by H. A. Rey.
3.  We read It’s Circus Time, Dear Dragon by Margaret Hillert.
4.  We read Circus by Lois Ehlert.
5.  We watched the Barney's Singing Circus DVD that we borrowed through Netflix.
6.  We made a 'Cookie Carousel' snack.
7.  We made a clown face on a paper plate with a balloon nose.

Tomorrow is our mid-week break, but we're excited to spend the day with Maggie's buddy, Paisley.  We plan to go to the library's storytime together, then get lunch and come back here to play.  See you again on Thursday!

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