Monday, September 13, 2010


Today was day two of what was supposed to be one day of homeschooling, but when Al told me Saturday night that he had to work this evening, I had to change our field trip plans from today to yesterday.  Thank goodness homeschooling is so easy to accommodate situations like this and thank goodness our field trip was at Daddy's work.  :)

Out last community helper was the chef (AKA: "Daddy").  We started out with some reading and projects at home before heading out to the restaurant.
Putting kitchen tool reusable stickers in Chef Cookie Monster's kitchen.
Making a mini model of Daddy.
Chef Daddy!

Next, Maggie decorated her own apron to wear on her field trip:

Then, it was off to Daddy's kitchen to cook like a real chef!  She was so excited.
Donning her chef's hat, the cake decorating begins ...
Of course, snacking is the best part ...
Never putting down the snack ...
Adding the chocolate mousse ...
So tickled to have a dab of chocolate mousse on top of her snack ...
"Yeah, Dad, you've got this ... I'm gonna keep on snacking."
Lookin' good ...
Stirring ...
"Ok, yeah, for sure, the ladle is my favorite tool ..."
"Heck, no more cake?  Ah, I guess I can snack on this lettuce."
Practicing her tong work ...
And eyeing their creation!

After our field trip, we headed home to start another color experiment ... watching white flowers "drink up" color!
Preparing our water ...
Adding our stems ...
And, now for the waiting game (so far, the blue water has proven to work best!) ...

And, finally, our end-of-the week puppet show, using all the community helpers puppets she made over the last two weeks:

The last day of our second week included:
Letter B:
1.  Practicing writing big letter 'B' and little letter 'b.'
Color Experiments:
1.  Completing a mixing colors worksheet with reuseable stickers.
2.  Setting up and observing our color experiment involving white flowers in different shades of colored water.
Community Helpers (Chefs):
1.  Reading Ratatouille (a Golden book) and discussing the roles of chefs in the community.
2.  Playing with Cookie Monster's kitchen with reuseable stickers set.
3.  Coloring a picture of a chef and mounting him on a popsicle stick to use in our end-of-the week community helpers puppet show.
4.  Making a mini 'Daddy Chef' toilet paper tube craft.
5.  Decoarting a white apron to wear on our field trip.
6.  FIELD TRIP to Daddy's work to cook in a chef's kitchen!
7.  Watching Disney Pixar's Ratatouille movie together.
8.  Having a community helpers puppet show with several skits involving different helpers in the neighborhood.

That ends our community helpers and colors curriculum for this year.  (Mommy is quite happy about that!)  Tomorrow, after Toddler Time at the Museum, we'll come home to start the letter 'C,' and a study on the Circus and Farms/Farm Animals/Farm Products.  Thanks for reading!

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