Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feels like Fall!

Week Five is in session, as is the fall weather and it made for such a great day!  We spent most of it outside, starting with our Forest Friends class in Auburn.  This week's theme was 'Beautiful Butterflies' and it was a lot of fun.  We came home to start our study of the letter 'E,' transportation, and continue our lesson on Fall.  Here are some of today's photos:

At the Butterfly Garden at the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve in Auburn for Forest Friends.
 We spotted a caterpillar munching on parsley!
 And bees!
 Making a butterfly out of a coffee filter and clothespin ...
 Once home, we stayed outdoors and had lunch and read our homeschooling books for today on the deck.
 Putting her transportation stickers on paper ...
 Working on a fall leaves craft ...
Hanging her craft ...
In detail, today we:
1.  We went to the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve in Auburn for her Forest Friends class where we studied 'Beautiful Butterflies.'
2.  We made a birthday card for Aunt Mary Lee.
Letter 'E':
1.  We discussed and looked at big letter 'E' and little letter 'e' and words that start with 'E': egg, elephant, ear, eye, Ernie, Elmo, evening, East, Earth, etc.
2.  We read My 'e' Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure.
1.  We read Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.
2.  We read the cartoon, 'The Adventures of Spot' by Marileta Robinson in her High Five magazine, October 2010 (about fall leaves).
3.  We did a fall leaves craft with tissue paper and contact paper that made a stained glass effect to hang on the window.
1.  We read From Kalamazoo to Timbuktu! by Harriet Ziefert.
2.  We read Here Comes Grandma! by Janet Lord.
3.  We read Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place by Rick Walton.
4.  We played with our transportation stickers.
5.  We watched the On the Go DVD that we borrowed from the library.
6.  We watched the Cars, Trucks, Trains & Planes DVD that we borrowed from Netflix.

Check us out tomorrow!

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