Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicken Robot

Yes, we're still very much on the robot kick, and since today we learned about farm birds, we are today known as, 'Chicken Robot.'  We even requested eggs and gummy worms with lunch, which I indulged, but I think I'll save the cannibalism lesson for a later date!  Some photos: 
Hanging her fall window clings ...

... and coloring a picture of a duck. 
(She also colored a picture of a donkey and informed me that both start with 'D!'  Yay for homeschooling!)
Her fall find -- a leaf that had just turned yellow.
Acting like a leaf falling from a tree ...
She asked me to include this photo we took of the spider on her slide:
Her lunch of choice:  eggs, toast with peach jelly, cheese, a haystack, and a worm 'for Chicken Robot!'
Working on our pom-pom duck and chicken ...
And, later, working on her Counting Crows Book, using her thumbprint to make crows.
The finished product:
And I caught her reading it on her own much later.  Success!
So, here is what we did today:
Letter D:
1.  We played with our alphabet magnets and found the 'D's in the bunch.  Then, we spelled out words that start with 'D.'
Farm Birds (Chickens, Roosters, Ducks, Turkeys, Crows):
1.  We read Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker.
2.  We read Giggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin.
3.  We colored a duck and donkey coloring sheet (farm animals that start with 'D').
4.  We read Mother Goose’s 'The Black Hen.'
5.  We read and acted out on our hands, the traditional poem, 'Ten Fluffy Chicks.'  Here it is:
                   Five eggs and five eggs, that makes ten;
                   Sitting on top is the mother hen.
                   Crackle! Crackle! Crackle! What do I see?
                   Ten fluffy chicks, as yellow as can be!
6.  We read the poem, 'Geese.'
7.  We read the poem, 'Old Rooster.'
8.  We did her duck and chicken pom-pom crafts.
9.  We listened to 'Had a Little Rooster' on her Wee Sing Fun ‘n’ Folk CD.
10.  We make her Counting Crows Book, using her thumbprints as the crows' bodies.
11.  We watched the following clips on the Benjamin’s Farm DVD that we borrowed from the library:
                   1) 'Hens';
                   2) 'Chickens'; and
                   3) 'Birds'.
12.  We enjoyed eggs and gummy worms with lunch!
1.  We read Now It’s Fall by Jeanie Lee.
2.  We read In the Fall by Larry Dane Brimner.
3.  We read It’s Fall! by Linda Glaser.
4.  We read Fall Leaves Fall! by Zoe Hall.
5.  We read The Falling Leaves by Steve Metzger.
6.  We put her fall window clings on the back window.
7.  We colored a fall leaves coloring sheet.
8.  We pretended we were fall leaves, falling from a tree.
9.  We watched some YouTube videos about fall, leaves, and one that involved counting pumpkins.

Tomorrow, we'll finish up our farm theme with goats and sheep, plus a few review activities, then we'll do more reading about fall, with some crafts, and complete our letter 'D' page for our alphabet book.  I can't believe tomorrow, we'll have been homeschooling a month!  It has flown.

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