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Lesson 1 - Rocks rock!
Lesson 2 - Rocks Change: The Rock Cycle
Field Trip 1 - Providence Canyon (Weathering & Erosion)
Lesson 3 - Mineral Madness
Lesson 4 - "Mystery Minerals" Mineral Lab
Lesson 5 - Igneous Rocks
Lesson 6 - "Igneous Investigation" Igneous Rocks Lab
Field Trip 2 - Flat Rock Park (Igneous Intrusions)
Lesson 7 - Sedimentary Rocks
Lesson 8 - "Sedimentary Study" Sedimentary Rocks Lab
Lesson 9 - Metamorphic Rocks
Lesson 10 - "Metamorphic Rock Stock" Metamorphic Rocks Lab


  1. I love what you have done for geology. It looks like lots of fun. Do you know why there is not a geology apologia exploring creation? Just wondering if they had plans to create anything like this? I realize you may not know, but I thought I 'd ask.

    1. Elizabeth, I am not sure. I have not heard that they are. I know they updated the Astronomy but I have not heard anything about an earth science. I wish they would make one, but I don't think plans are in the works. I have had to very meticulously create this co-op. It was tough. Typically, geology is taught later and I had to adapt it to children in our co-op as young as first grade. It took a lot of hours of planning, but we had a lot of fun learning about it! Next week is our very last class, our metamorphic lab!