Thursday, September 7, 2017


We have just finished our study of Asia with the help of our Galloping the Globe guide.  Now, we have moved on to Europe.  To get started on our introduction to Europe, we colored the continent on our world map in our geography binder, and read about it on page 58 of our guide.  (We then printed the map on page 59 for our binder.  We will color each country in Europe as we study it.)
Just like I did with Asia, I put together a Europe continent box, full of things that represent this continent we would be studying.  I added flags from that continent ...
... and many other representative things like dolls my parents brought Maggie back from their travels, stickers, tableware, a tea cup and saucer, and more.
Here's a bit of Great Britain and Russia.
This doll is from Finland.
Here is a model of Stonehenge and a bear from Germany.
And here is a Beefeater doll from England!
She loves our continent boxes!  It's especially fun to watch the box empty as our study of the continent progresses.
We then read and printed the Europe fact sheet from Evan-Moor's The World: Reference Map & Forms workbook (page 69), and added it to our binder.
 We also read pages 36-47 of The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World ...
 ... and pages 24-25 of Children Just Like Me, about the people of Europe.
Next, we studied the map of Europe on pages 40-41 of Usborne's Children's Picture Atlas, which shows all the things that make Europe unique.  (I just love these maps!)
Finally, we studied the European exports map we found at (below), and compared it to the map in the picture atlas.  It's fun to spot the similarities.  For example, the "Motor Vehicles" tag written over Germany in the map below matched the picture of the automobile on Germany in the atlas map.  We printed this exports map and placed it in our binder, too.
Our first stop in Europe?  Russia!  Check back with us!

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