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Shalom!  Our most recent country study in our yearlong World Geography course with our co-op was Israel.  We use the Galloping the Globe guide to help us chart our travels.  This was a quick one for us.  We studied it in three days on our own time and met with our co-op on Day 4.  It is our second to last country to study in Asia.

Day 1 - Israel (Introduction)

On the first day of our study, we stamped our travel trunk with an Israeli sticker and colored Israel on our Asia map in our geography binder.  Then we started filling out our country report sheets, below.  (All of this is detailed in our three earliest World Geography posts.)
The Israeli flag sticker on the first country sheet (on the left) was taken out of this Usborne Flags Sticker Book.
We then read about Israel in our DK Children's World Atlas on pages 80-81 ("The Near East") ...
... and in The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World (page 69).
We colored the map of Israel out of Dover's Around the World Coloring Book by Winky Adam (page 14) and added it to our binder as well.
Finally for Day 1, we completed a glossary sheet for "desert" for our geography terms glossary we are making this year (also outlined in an earlier post).

Day 2 - Israel (Famous People and Landmarks, Culture - Government, Currency, Language, Religion)

On the second day of our study of Israel, we read from Children Just Like Me (pages 60-61) ...
... and from Pocket Books: Cities of the World (page 41).  We were learning about the different people groups represented in Jerusalem and the unrest that exists there (and always has).
We read about the Dome of the Rock on page 15 of Usborne's See Inside Famous Buildings book and continued to update our country reports as we went.
For every co-op, we present a project to the other children (and they each do the same) of something we learned from each country.  For Israel, Maggie wanted her project to incorporate Jesus, since Israel was His home.  We decided to do a presentation on the bodies of water around Israel and how they are important biblically.  We did this in the form of a flip book, which she illustrated.
Maggie reported on the Sea of Galilee, known now as Lake Tiberias (where Jesus walked on water, calmed the storm, blessed the disciples with a boatload of fish, and fed the five thousand), the Jordan River (where the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land and where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (pictured below)), and the Dead Sea, also called the "Salt Sea" because of its salinity of 34.2% (near where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a cave).
She was very proud of the final product and was excited to share it with the other children.
Next, we read Mrs. Katz and Tush by Patricia Polacco.
We studied this book (and a bit about Israel) prior when we "rowed" it with our Five in a Row (FIAR) curriculum a few years back.  (You can find that post at  Here are a few pictures from that post.  

First, we made handprint menorahs ...
 ... before preparing an Israeli feast of kugel, charoset, potato latkes, and matzo crackers.
 We also had matzo ball soup and grape juice!  Yum!  (Look how little Mags was!)
In another post, in our history lesson about Moses and the Exodus, we did more with Passover at  It was in that post that we had bought a Seder plate (below) and had a mock Passover meal.
(We would do the same this week in our co-op.)

For our final bit of work on Day 2 of this study, we read about the plight of the people in Israel on pages 90-91 of our Window on the World book.  We then prayed for the people of Israel.
We also lit our Jewish memorial candle that we acquired for our Mrs. Katz and Tush row.

Day 3 - Israel (Culture - Homes, Dress, Food, Music, Special Holidays/Celebrations)

On the third day of our study, we started with a look at more Israeli food, using Usborne's 1000 Things to Eat (page 30) ...
... and our Eat Your Way Around the World book (pages 30-32).  We continued to update our country reports.
We also read about different holidays and festivals celebrated in Israel in our Children Just Like Me's Celebrations! book, on pages 14-15, 36-37, and 52-53.
Of course, one of those holidays is Hanukkah.  We thought it would be fun to play "The Dreidel Game" in honor of it, so we got out our dreidels (acquired from the Biblical History Center in LaGrange, Georgia) ...
... and raisins for our play pieces.  (Typically, children play for gold-foiled, chocolate coins.)
We had fun playing!
The grand prize for the winner was this plastic dreidel full of candy that I bought at the grocery store in the ethnic foods aisle.
Mags won!  She shared her treats, though, sweet girl.
We lit our oil lamp (also from the Biblical History Center -- we love that place) in memorial of Israel's history and talked about what we knew of this special place of God's.

Day 4 - Israel Co-op

On the final day of our study of Israel, we had our co-op.  My friend hosted and her son had written this sweet image on her white board to decorate.  I thought it was precious.
We started by presenting our projects.  Here is Maggie presenting her "Biblically Important Bodies of Water in Israel" flip book.
We learned more about Jewish customs and even got to try our hand at blowing shofars!
Israeli stamps!
For our project together, we made little oil lamps.  This one was made for our example.  Mags was so excited to get started!
She carefully shaped it with air-dry clay.
We had to use a large Popsicle stick in the opening to make a place for the wick to feed through.
And the final step before letting it dry (and then painting it, of course) was drawing patterns into it with a wooden skewer.  Mags can't wait to see her completed project.  (I will update this post when her lamp is complete.)
For lunch, we had a Passover meal.  My friend went all out and served roasted lamb ...
... olives ...
... matzo ...
... cucumber-tomato salad with feta ...
... latkes with applesauce ...
... "bitter herbs" (parsley) ...
... and grape juice.
She lit the menorah ...
... and served the meal ...
... and it was just beautiful.
The kids loved it!
For dessert, they had charoset and ice cream!  Delicious!
Next up in World Geography?  Our final country in Asia, India!  We will meet with our co-op this Friday so hopefully, I will have that post up by next weekend!  Stay tuned and thanks for checking in with us!  Shalom!

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