Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Great Khans and the Mongol Invasion of China

Lesson 70 of Volume II of The Mystery of History (MOH) is all about "The Great Khans and the Mongol Invasion of China."  We had recently learned a lot about this in our study of China in our Geography curriculum, having read extensively on the travels of Marco Polo, so some of this post comes from that study (at
To supplement our reading from the text, we also read about "Mongol Invaders" on pages 250-251 of The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.  (We use this book all the time.  It is a gem!)
We love the colorful illustrations and maps!
 In the illustrations, we noticed the yurts that the Mongols are known for.
It was interesting to see how the large ones were moved.  This picture shows the khan's yurt in transit.
After our reading, we completed the "Mongol Warlords" pages (14-15) out of Usborne's Sticker Dressing: Warriors sticker book, depicting a scene from that era.
We love these books, too, for our MOH studies.  In this scene, there are more yurts in the background.
In our aforementioned, previous post on China, we watched a video about how yurts were constructed at (below).
We then used our Homes Around the World Design Studio kit to decorate our own yurt on paper.
Here is Maggie's yurt, with the sides colored using the "animal hair" rubbing plate.  We added this picture to our MOH/Geography binder behind the "Asia: China" tab.  It is so fun watching this binder grow!
Happy homeschooling!

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