Thursday, May 18, 2017

Invasion of the Vikings

This past week, we finished Lessons 39 and 40 of The Mystery of History's Volume II, entitled, "Invasion of the Vikings" and "The Vikings: Their Families, Their Homes, and Their Faith," respectively.
Along with our reading from the text, we also used The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History to learn about the Vikings (pages 210-213).  
This book is just great!  I use it often to supplement our history lessons because of the colorful, informative pictures!  On this map, you can see the many areas the Vikings invaded and settled.
They often pillaged churches because they held supplies and treasured relics, but were not heavily manned.
Here is a cutaway image of a Viking longhouse.
And this picture shows a Viking ship burial.  These types of burials were for the more wealthy and some even had their slaves killed to be buried with them for the afterlife.  It is remarkable how similar some of their burial practices were to the Egyptians'.
After our research, we had some fun with this Usborne Sticker Dressing: Long Ago sticker book ("Vikings," pages 6-7).
Maggie dressed up the Viking warrior, farmer, and merchant.
We also used stickers in this Viking Village: Sticker Picture book by A. G. Smith (from Dover).
Inside, there is a Viking scene for detailing with stickers!
Viking ships typically had a dragonhead that decorated the front of their bows.  For this reason, the Vikings' ships were sometimes referred to as "dragon boats."
To learn more about these boats, we looked in our Usborne See Inside: Ships flap book (page 2).
It was interesting to learn that the Vikings used tar and animal hair between the planks of wood of their ships to keep water out.
From there, we read Usborne's Illustrated Norse Myths.  What wild stories these Vikings had!
We also enjoyed looking at the Viking relics found (and the crafts to simulate them) in Crafts from the Past: The Vikings by Gillian Chapman.  (I love these books!)
We decided to make a picture of a Viking ship using the ideas found in the Crafts from the Past book, and this Fun with Viking Stencils book by Dover
Using the stencils, we drew a dragonhead for the ship's bow and used some of the Viking warrior stencils to fill our ship.  Here, Mags is preparing the Vikings' shields for storage on the ship hull. 
After we placed our large sail, we thought it looked complete!
Viking warriors, ready to invade yet another helpless area!
It was a fun lesson!

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