Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day!

Dear homeschool teacher, parent, educator, instructor, supervisor, professor, lecturer, adviser, coach, referee, tutor, assistant, bookkeeper, librarian, pioneer, organizer, captain, conductor, disciplinarian, manager, guide, mentor, caretaker, expert, chief, trainer, pathfinder, authority, counsel, director, consultant, drill instructor, advocate, protector, overseer, cheerleader, pilot, enforcer, master, encourager, leader, model, pro, guru, and friend ... [whew!] ... you are all these things and more and this week, we celebrate you!  I feel your pain and celebrate your joys!  I am knee-deep in this journey with you and this week, you are recognized!  This Thursday is Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day and let me take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all that you do!  It is not easy but as you know, comes with such great reward, and I am grateful to share this experience with all of you.  I know God personally led me and equipped me for this incredible job and I have great faith that He has big plans for these special souls that we are training up from the safe sanctuary of home.  Join me in celebrating our hard work for our precious children and our glorious God Who loves them even more than we do!  

I stumbled across this "Schedule of Events" for this week in honor of Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day and wanted to share.  You can find it at  (The following images show some of the great things happening!)  Hope to see you there!  
Also, check out the daily giveaways this week at!  I can't wait to see what kinds of goodies are in store!

Much love and mad respect,

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