Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Lesson 8 in Volume II of The Mystery of History is all about "The Dead Sea Scrolls," and I couldn't wait to share this lesson with Maggie.  These historical documents fascinate me and are so important to adding further validity to Scripture.
After we read the lesson, we watched two videos on the scrolls.  This first one we found at
After the videos, we headed over to the site where you can check out the digital downloads of the scrolls (  Here, Maggie is scrolling over the image of The Temple Scroll, the largest scroll found, with a total length of 8.146 meters.  It was discovered in 1956 and tells of God's instructions on the construction and operation of the Temple.
We decided to measure out 8.146 meters to see just how long that one scroll is!  Our cats were very interested in this activity, too!  (Pictured here is only about one third of the length of the scroll.)
For a fun snack, I made her a scroll using two HoHos, pretzel sticks, and candy string.
She loved it!
We made a scroll last year in Volume I of The Mystery of History when we studied King Josiah in Lesson 52.  (That post can be found at  Here are some pictures from that post of our scroll project.  First, we boiled some tea bags in a large pot.
 Once boiled, we crumpled up balls of paper and let them sit in the tea bath to get stained.
 Once dark, we CAREFULLY removed them and laid them out on kitchen towels to dry.  (We flipped them a couple of times to speed up the drying process.)
 Once dry, we taped them together and Maggie wrote some Scripture on them before we adhered the ends onto paper towel tubes and and rolled them up.
 Maggie's scroll!
 She was very proud of this project!
We still have it on our history shelf!
Next up?  Pompeii!

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