Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Buried City of Pompeii

Lesson 9 in Volume II of The Mystery of History is all about "The Buried City of Pompeii," a place with a fascinating story!
After we read about Pompeii in our lesson, we read more about this city out of this Ancient Rome book by Mike Corbishley (pages 28-29).
This book had some good illustrations to help us understand the magnitude of the volcano's damage,
We used our little pocket volcano (bought at Michael's for a couple of bucks) to demonstrate how quickly volcanic activity can occur.
Here, Mags is adding vinegar to our volcano filled with baking soda.
 BOOM!  The lava flowed instantly.  (Strangely, this was NOT how Mt. Vesuvius erupted all those years ago.)
We watched a very short documentary on Pompeii at
Next, we watched an animated reenactment of Pompeii's destruction at  It's about eight minutes long.
Recently, for our geology co-op, I made volcano cookies when we studied igneous rocks.  It might be fun to add these to your study of Pompeii, too!
Happy homeschooling!

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