Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wassily Kandinsky

We have so much fun when we study famous artists, and it had been a while since our last (Vincent van Gogh), so I put together a little study of Wassily Kandinsky for us to dive into.  
To start, we read The Life and Work of … Wassily Kandinsky by Paul Flux ...
... and The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art: The Noisy Paint Box by Barb Rosenstock.
Next, we read about Kandinsky's painting, Square with Concentric Circles (shown below) ... 
... in The Usborne Art Treasury by Rosie Dickins (pages 52-55).
The same challenged us to make some art to simulate Kandinsky's Square with Concentric Circles painting using a piece of cardstock, oil pastels, and watercolor.  First, she drew circles of different colors into the six boxes we created by folding the paper.
 Next, she watercolored over each box!  Kandinsky-inspired art!
On the second day of this lesson, we read more about Kandinsky on pages 74-75 of The Usborne Book of Famous Artists by Ruth Brocklehurst, Rosie Dickins, and Abigail Wheatley.
Next, we studied  Kandinsky’s Yellow-Red-Blue painting (shown below) ...
... on pages 54-55 of The Usborne Book of Famous Paintings by Rosie Dickins.
We then decided to make some Kandinsky-inspired art for ourselves using the Roll-A-Masterpiece game printable we found at
She had fun with this!
Those certainly look like Kandinsky-inspired shapes!
Finally, it was time for the best part, our Black Lines Master Kitz painting kit!  (I buy these through Amazon.  We love them!)
First, we traced shapes from the provided stencils and colored them in using watercolor pencils.  (This was her first time using watercolor pencils!)
 She filled up the page with these shapes!
 Next, using a sponge brush, she ran over each of the shapes with a bit of water to smooth out the pencil marks into washes of watercolor.
 Finally, she traced some abstract lines over some carbon paper, which appeared directly onto her painting.  (Carbon paper, too, was a first for us!  We love these kits and the new mediums we're challenged to work with!)
 Maggie's Kandinsky-inspired, abstract art!
 Neither one of us are fans of abstract art, but it was still fun to study and experiment with!
Our next artist study will be on Paul Klee!  Stay tuned!

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