Thursday, December 8, 2016

Julius Caesar

In Lesson 96 of The Mystery of History, Volume I, we learned about Julius Caesar.
We also read about him in The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History (page 185) ...
... and National Geographic's The Most Influential Figures of Ancient History (pages 96-98).

To remember this lesson, we decided it'd be fun to create the Roman centurion helmet craft we found at  (Here is the picture of Caesar from our textbook, wearing a helmet just like it.)
The website will allow you to download these pieces, which you can then print onto cardstock for your helmet.
Maggie got right to work coloring hers!  I love that the helmet has a place where you can write your own name in!
All done!  She was very proud of the finished product!
Later on, when we learned about Cleopatra, we were able to round out our study of Caesar with this book, Cleopatra by Diane Stanley.
 This photo is from that book, illustrating when Cleopatra appeared to Caesar for the first time, rolled up in a rug.
We read even more about Caesar in this Where's Will? Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays book by Anna Claybourne and Tilly, specifically, on pages 8-11, entitled, "Julius Caesar."
 We had to find Caesar, Cassius, Calpurnia, Mark Antony, and Octavius in the scene below.  (We love seek and find books!)
Happy homeschooling to you!

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