Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hannibal, Elephants, and the Punic Wars

In Lesson 91 of The Mystery of History, Volume I, we learned about "Hannibal, Elephants, and the Punic Wars."
To supplement the text, we also read from The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History (page 185).
Here is a picture from that page, of Hannibal's army.
 We read more about Hannibal in National Geographic's The Most Influential Figures of Ancient History, on pages 92-95.
 Here is a picture depicting the treacherous route that Hannibal's army took.  One source we read said no elephants survived the trek while another source said one elephant did.
 This photograph shows the Roman ruins of Carthage.
For a fun activity to wrap up our study, we completed the "Hannibal's Army" pages (6-7) in our Usborne Sticker Dressing: Warriors sticker book.
All done!
 (She loves these sticker books!)
Thanks for checking in with us!

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