Thursday, November 3, 2016

Providence Canyon

Last week, we had our first field trip in our Geology co-op to Providence Canyon, also known as "Little Grand Canyon."  Our goal was to see evidence of weathering and erosion (since we learned how rocks change in our last lesson) and this was the right place to go for that!  Here are some of my pictures from the field trip!
Here is Mags on the canyon floor.  As you can see, the canyon is still weathering and eroding.  This is after a month of no rain where we live!
Maggie spotted some super huge leaves on the canyon floor!
Against one of the canyon walls!
This is the result of only 200 years worth of weathering and erosion!
We saw sediments eroding and pondered their site of deposition (terms we learned in our last lesson).
 After we climbed out of the canyon, we saw some pretty incredible views!
They keep having to move these safety rails back as a result of the continued weathering!
 Our group had such a great time on this field trip!
 So pretty!
Getting a closer look!
 Spotting other people down in the canyon!
We had a great time!  This was so neat to see the result of extreme weathering and erosion close up!  Next lesson, we will learn all about minerals!

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