Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sunday School Snacks

I have taken on God's assignment of teaching our upper elementary students (grades 2 through 5) Sunday School at our church and I couldn't be happier about it.  I wanted to occasionally share my ideas for the class here, so this is the first post of more to come.

When I was given the opportunity to teach this class, I was inspired by the idea of Route 66: Traveling Through the 66 Books of the Bible.  I decided we would be travelers with a room to match and we would hit every book in order, complete with travel guides, maps, postcards home to parents, journaling, and souvenirs!  We even take "snapshots" of Jesus as we see Him in every book.  We chose the name "MZ CRUISERZ" for our class (our church is Mount Zion Church) and we were ready to go!
 When I acquired the classroom, it was drab and lifeless.  I got permission to liven it up and this is how I decorated it!
 It is small but bright and fun!  The kids love it!
I planned the room around this canvas!
 We even have a working traffic light!
Here is more of our decor!
You get rewards for packing your luggage (AKA: bringing your Bible) each time!
We even have fuzzy dice hanging from our ceiling!
So the title of this post is "Sunday School Snacks," so I guess I should get to it.  For Week 1, I made these Hershey's Nuggets Bibles with that day's verse on it.  (If you recognize them, it may be because I have posted about these before when I made them.)  They are always so cute!
For Week 2, I made Newton Bibles, made with strawberry and blueberry newtons instead of fig because I thought they would go over better with the kids.  I used a piece of fruit roll-up for the bookmark and decorator's icing for the detail on the book.
 Our first stop on our journey, of course, is in Genesis.  We will be here for a while.  Week 3 was Creation, so I made these "Creation Cookies" using just regular sugar cookie mix, separated and dyed with blue and green food coloring.  I added the colors back together before baking to give it the look of the earth.  I think they turned out great!
 This past week, we talked about The Fall.  I went in early and hung this caution tape to warn the children that sin was ahead.
 For that day's snack, I made "Sneaky Snake Cakes" (cupcakes with red icing, dipped in red sugar, with a Tootsie Roll stem, green apple Laffy Taffy leaf, and a gummy worm)!  For our craft that day, we made these "Sneaky Snakes" for our journals, using painted bubble wrap to make the scales.
Every lesson concludes with a souvenir from that day's trip.  The souvenir for The Fall were these fruit erasers and plastic snakes!  The kids were thrilled!
Stay tuned for more Sunday School ideas!  I have so many things planned!

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