Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Lesson 65 of The Mystery of History Volume I covers Confucius, the famous sage of China, born about 551 B.C.
After we read about him in our text, we read the article about him in National Geographic's The Most Influential Figures of Ancient History, pages 48-50.
 Here is a photo of him from that article.
Next, we watched a short video about him from YouTube (seen below).
For our activity, we took our text's suggestion and made a "bamboo" tablet (really made of wooden craft sticks).  Confucius recorded his writings on bamboo tablets because paper had not yet been used in China at that time.  Here, Maggie is lining up the large craft sticks,
 Next, we took three strings of equal length and laid them out across our sticks for adhering with glue.  (Later these strings will allow us to tie our "bamboo" scroll together.)
Once the glue was added, we just waited for it to dry.
Meanwhile, we found examples of Chinese writing in our books for us to emulate on our tablet.
Once our glue had dried, we flipped the tablet over and took a very fine paintbrush and some black paint and proceeded to copy some Chinese characters on our tablet.  (As you can see here, Maggie started her writing from the bottom, as the Chinese write up and down, up and down (not like our left to right).)
Looking good!
All done!  It turned out looking great!
 Once the paint had dried, we were able to roll it up and tie it together!
The date that Confucius' father died (547 B.C.) was one we needed to remember for our history study, so Maggie makes separate cards for these dates for the wall next to her desk.  I write the information and she illustrates it.
 I thought her little Confucius was so cute!
 And her "yin-yang" symbol (which symbolizes Confucius' philosophy that there is harmony in all things) turned out well!  Of course, as Christians, we know that Confucius' philosophies limit our one, true, living God, the Creator, and we talked about this at length.  I was proud that Maggie was able to see the shortcomings of this ideology on her own.
We're getting closer in history to the birth of our Lord!  How exciting!

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