Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Babylonian Captivity

In Lesson 57 of Volume I of The Mystery of History, we learned about "The Babylonian Captivity".  This was a fascinating lesson, about Nebuchadnezzar II's terror on Judah and many biblical prophecies fulfilled.
After reading our lesson, we moved on to our next (and frequent) resource, The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History, to learn more about the Babylonians.
This book has the best color pictures!
After our reading, we watched this great YouTube video on The Babylonian Captivity to reiterate what we had read.
During this lesson, we also learned about the Pool of Siloam, the water source from the Spring of Gihon that King Hezekiah had secretly built in preparation for the Assyrian and Babylonian sieges that he feared would take place (and did).  This amazing structure gave the people of Jerusalem the water source (and strength) they needed for such times.  Here is a short video on this amazing discovery.
Next, it was time to complete the activity suggested in the text, making two paper bag puppets to represent the two "puppet" kings of Judah, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah.  (They were called this because they were basically puppeteered by Nebuchadnezzar II during this time.)
We used cardstock and flat gems to jazz up our kings!
 She gave Zedekiah Xs for eyes because he was blinded in the third and final siege of Judah.
She gave Jehoiachin a fixed stare because we thought it made him look very puppet-like.  His reign was only three months long before he was taken captive during Nebuchadnezzar's second siege.  Great job, Mags!
Stay tuned for more on the Babylonians!

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