Tuesday, June 21, 2016

King Josiah

One of our recent history studies was on King Josiah, king of Judah at the tender age of eight!  This was fun for Maggie to hear since she is that same age!
We read the lesson from our The Mystery of History curriculum (Volume I, Lesson 52) and learned about how the Book of the Law (the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament) was discovered in the walls of the great Temple that Solomon built during Josiah's restoration of it.  To help her remember this lesson, we did a couple of things. 

First, we completed this "King Josiah" maze, which challenged her to help Hilkiah, the priest, find the lost scroll of the Temple.  We found this printable at http://www.bibleschoolresources.net/southernkingdom/kingjosiah-mz.html.
Next, we set out to make our own scroll as suggested by the text.  To antiquate the paper for our scroll, we had to tea stain it.
(She loved doing this!)
Once our tea was a dark color, we crumpled up pieces of copy paper and dropped it into our pot (once we removed it from the heat).
We let it stay in the tea for a while to get dark.
After it was dark enough, we carefully removed the paper and spread it out on towels to dry.
Once dry, it looked just as we hoped it would!
We taped them together and Maggie picked out a verse from the Pentateuch to copy onto it in black marker.
She decided on Exodus 4:5.
After writing, we carefully attached the paper to pieces of an empty wrapping paper tube, cut to size.
It looked GREAT!
We tied it all together with some string for keeping on our history shelves.
Another great MOH project in the books!
We love MOH!

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