Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gustav Klimt

I decided it would be fun to throw in a random art study because Maggie likes art so much.  I chose to focus on Gustav Klimt, famous for his paintings The Kiss and The Tree of Life, among others.  His work is colorful and intricate and uses a lot of gold and silver, colors Maggie always likes to work with!  We started our study with the reading of this book, Klimt and His Cat by Berenice Capatti.  It is written from the perspective of his cat, Katze, who details the life and works of this famous Viennese painter.  Mags enjoyed it a lot.
After our reading, it was time to do a little artwork of our own.  I found a great Klimt cat picture at, which I printed on khaki-colored cardstock as a good start to a Klimt-inspired picture.  I then challenged her to use oil pastels and brightly colored Sharpies (including gold) to decorate the picture to look like one of Klimt's pieces.
She was very excited about this project!
That gold Sharpie worked great for this!
Looks great, Mags!  We both commented how Klimt's art reminded us of ancient Egyptian art.
 Next, we read The Magical Tree by Myriam Ouyessad, a tale inspired by Klimt's The Tree of Life painting.  It's a great read!
After our reading, I found a great worksheet that uses a Venn diagram to compare the tree art between Klimt and Van Gogh at  (See the image below.)  I printed it and we got right to work.
Here is Maggie's completed sheet.
After we finished the worksheet, we watched this neat video on YouTube about Klimt.
Then we looked up his bio in The Usborne Book of Famous Artists.
We loved this picture of him with his cat!
We also studied The Kiss in The Usborne Book of Famous Paintings by Rosie Dickins.
Once our reading was done, we examined The Tree of Life painting some more and then completed the artist study worksheet at
Good work, Mags!
Finally, it was time for some real fun!  Years ago, I bought this Master Kitz art kit from Bed, Bath & Beyond for only $4.99 (marked down from $29.99 ... SCORE!) and set it aside for such a study as this.  I was curious to see how much we would enjoy this, as these are usually quite expensive.
We were both excited to crack into it!
 After we prepped our area and taped down our paper and stencil, it was time to roll on the gold paint!
 Once the gold paint was down, we stamped over that with shapes in brown paint.
 We were wowed when we removed the stencil!  Beautiful!
 Then, it was time to add the stickers that came with the kit, inspired by Klimt's artwork.
 The result was AWESOME!!!
Love at all of these little elements!
A true masterpiece!  We will definitely be picking up more of these kits!  (I have already added several to my Amazon wish list!)  And we learned so much about Klimt's life and work.
Next art study?  Van Gogh!  Check back!

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