Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Rise of Athens and Sparta

We are doing a lot of catching up.  Here is a post on our study of "The Rise of Athens and Sparta" (Lesson 49 in The Mystery of History, Volume I).  In this study, we learned about the rise of the Greek city-states after the Dark Ages of Greece.  Specifically, we learned about the Archaic period, Athens, and Sparta.  We took a special look at the Acropolis and the Parthenon, as well as Greek pottery from that time period.
 We often incorporate this book in our history studies, The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.  It is chock full of colorful pictures.
Here are a couple of those great illustrations!
For this lesson, we also used If I Were a Kid in Ancient Greece by Cricket Books ...
... and National Geographic's Wonders of the Ancient World publication.
I loved the comparison pictures in this book of the Parthenon, as it was then and as it is now.
For this study, we also used The Usborne Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece.
The Parthenon was once beautifully painted!
We found some more great examples of pottery in this Usborne Greeks text (see pictures below).
After all of our reading, we watched this GREAT video on YouTube, which shows the historical progression of the Parthenon.  She loved it!  I highly recommend it.
Then, it was time to apply what we learned!  We picked two projects out of our Evan-Moor Ancient Civilizations workbook to do together.
The first project was a Parthenon shape book.  Here, Mags is working on it.
The statue of Athena stood inside.
Looks great!
Inside are all the facts!  This will go in our history notebook.
For our next project, we created the Parthenon postcard to mail to someone special.  Maggie loves the fact that the Parthenon once held a lot of color, so she was sure to color it well!
 Then, we wrote about some of the things we had learned about the Parthenon and she addressed it to her grandparents.
Last year, during our visit to the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, we saw some actual examples of this amazing Archaic pottery with our own eyes!  Here is a picture of Maggie in front of several beautiful pieces.
It was then time to design some of our own!  We used these tiny Terra Cotta pots for our artwork.  I challenged her to depict our life on the pots, just like the Greeks did.
 Here was mine ... happy homeschoolers, Mom and Maggie!
 I drew little school supplies around it.
 Our cat, Emmett, was especially interested in this one ...
 ... the one Maggie did depicting him!  Love the little paw prints along the edge!
 He is so nosy!  This side shows a little ball of yarn.  Cute!
 Maggie loves wolves, so this one depicts a wolf with the phases of the moon along the edge.  Clever girl.
 And this one shows her and her sweet friend, Pip.
 Our pottery!
 Maggie loves displaying our projects on the shelves in our classroom.  These made it to the video shelf.
Thanks for checking in with us!