Sunday, October 4, 2015


Often, when we do an extra project or use an extra great resource with our history curriculum, The Mystery of History, I like to share.  So, with that being said, this post is short, but it's just for those of you using MOH to have another idea for this recent lesson we completed, Lesson 39 in Volume I, "Homer." After we read the lesson, and completed the activity suggested in the manual, we expanded on it with two great Usborne books.  (We LOVE Usborne and use their books for supplementing almost every subject!)
 First, we read the shortened story version of the "Odyssey" out of our Usborne Illustrated Stories from the Greek Myths book, about the many adventures of Odysseus.  Maggie absolutely loved it!
Then, we completed two pages in our Usborne Sticker Dressing: Greek Myths sticker book, "Odysseus and Polyphemus," on pages 10 and 11, which illustrates the story of when Odysseus and his men escape the cyclops.
Maggie loves these sticker books!
 All done!
If you haven't yet checked out Usborne books, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  Here is my personal rep's page if you are interested in seeing what Usborne can offer your homeschooling experience:!

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