Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thunder Cake

This past Spring, I hosted our homeschooling co-op and decided to do a book study on Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco.  I should have blogged about it then but the blog has gotten behind me for a bit.  Bear with me while I try to remember the details.
We have our co-op at our church, mostly.  I hung this poster to fill up as we read the story.  Beforehand, I found examples of onomatopoeia throughout the book, then typed them out.  I handed each child one of these examples and challenged the kids to listen for the examples as I read.  If he/she heard the example in his/her hand, that child would come up and add it to our poster, then pick out two paper lightening bolts from my container.  
The lightening bolts had individual tasks written on them.  Put together, these tasks would instruct the children on how to make a thunder cake.  (The recipe is in the back of the book.)
I can't remember now what I had used the numbers on the clouds for, but the two lightening bolts attached to these clouds told each child what his/her jobs were when it was baking time!
Here is our completed poster.  We talked extensively about onomatopoeia and made these sounds together.  We also talked about how you could gauge how far away the storm was (from the distance in time between the lightening and the clap of thunder to follow).
Here was the setup in the kitchen at our church, complete with aprons and paper chef's hats!
You gotta have chocolate!
The secret ingredient in thunder cake is pureed tomatoes!
First, we prepared the pans!
Then, we measured the ingredients!
One of Maggie's jobs was mixing!
Her second job was measuring the cocoa!  
Later, we talked about weather and the water cycle.
While our cake baked, we completed a worksheet on the water cycle and started an onomatopoeia craft.
Great job!
Here was the example I made for our onomatopoeia craft!
Looks great, Mags!
Silly kiddos!
Here was our thunder cake, coming out of the oven!  Next we frosted it and added strawberries like the recipe calls for.
Ready to dig into some thunder cake!
It was so good!
The children left with extra slices of cake, their worksheets and craft, and a pinwheel to use when the next storm is coming!

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