Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Phoenicians

Lesson 34 in our The Mystery of History curriculum taught us about the Phoenicians, an ancient people who were established on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea near Israel in about 1,000 B.C.
After we read about the Phoenicians in our text, we read more about them in our The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.  (We LOVE this book.  It is a GREAT supplement to this curriculum with all of its bright, colorful illustrations.)
The Phoenicians were the most successful traders in the ancient world and were expert sailors.
The place in purple on this map is Phoenicia.  The blue lines show their many trade routes.
One of their most famous goods was the expensive purple cloth they made with the dye from murex snails.
We found this video on YouTube of the dye being extracted from the gland of the murex snail.
Here are some photos we found online of the same.
To help us remember what the Phoenicians are famous for, we decided to dye something purple.  Obviously, we wouldn't be using murex snails, but we got the idea to use purple cabbage from  Here is the t-shirt Maggie decided to dye.
First, we chopped the cabbage into small pieces.
Then, we added those pieces to our large stockpot.
Then, we added water and set it to boil
We boiled it for an hour.
Once boiled, we removed the cabbage and had our "dye" for coloring our shirt.
Mags added her shirt to the stockpot for dyeing.
After a couple of hours, we pulled the shirt out.  Purple!
The Phoenicians were also known for the art of glassblowing.  Here are two YouTube videos that we watched about glassblowing.
This one shows how glassblown pumpkins are made.  Very neat!
Additionally, the Phoenicians were known for their alphabet, and our word "phonics" is named after them.
I found their alphabet at, and printed it out so Maggie could practice writing her name in it.
"Maggie" in Phoenician!  
It was fun learning about the Phoenicians!  Check back soon.  I have many posts to make as I catch up on blogging.  


  1. I bet your house smelled GREAT on tee shirt day! :-P

    I'm glad you are back to posting, and I look forward to seeing all the fun things you have been doing. We officially started school today, and day one was a success! Feels good to be back on track after a busy summer. We love the Usborne book too, and we read about the Sumerians today. Here's to many more fun homeschooling memories!

    1. LOL! My house smelled AWFUL, but it was fun! I will be posting more frequently hopefully this coming week. I have had to sit down and block some time in each day just for blogging. My parents have been complaining! LOL! Hope school is still going well for you both!