Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Jesse Tree - Days 4 and 5

Here is another post of the ornaments we are making for our Jesse Tree!  For Day 4, we talked about Noah and the Ark.  For our ornament, I decided to cut an ark out of pieces of brown craft foam.  Here, Maggie is drawing in wooden planks and nails.
Then, once our ark was put together, we decided to make a rainbow from different colored pipe cleaners.
 Maggie insisted on putting the colors in order before we started hot gluing them to the back of our ark.
 Before we added a hook, we pushed a dove brad into the craft foam!  I think it turned out really cute, even though it is our biggest ornament!
For Day 5, we talked about the story of Abraham and his faithfulness and his obedience to God.  For that ornament, we decided to make an origami tent.  We followed the instructions in this video.
Once our tent was folded, we punched a hole in the top and added a hanger!
 This one might be my favorite!
More to come!


  1. There is no link to the video to see how to make the tipi ornament.

    1. Huh. Sometimes these video links expire, but I still see this one. Sorry. Here is the link:

      Happy crafting! :)

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