Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Jesse Tree - Day 7

For Day 7 of our Jesse Tree, we talked about the story of Abraham and Isaac, when Isaac was almost sacrificed as a test of Abraham's faith.  Instead, God provided a ram.  I decided we'd make a ram for today's ornament, and when I saw the adorable sheep ornament at, I had to copy it and add horns.  For the ornament, we used a large, white pom pom ball, some black felt cut into the shape of a face and ears, googly eyes, brown pipe cleaners, hot glue, and a hanger.  We put it all together and the result was the cutest little ram ever!
 God is good!
Happy Advent, everyone!


  1. We are doing that same one for Truth in Tinsel in a few days! (Except ours is a sheep.) Such a cute one. Love it! We got behind our devotional, but then had a double ornament making session this afternoon. :-)

    1. You're not alone! We get behind, too. And our Advent book had "laughter" as the subject for Day 6 (in reference to Isaac's name), so we didn't really make an ornament for that day, in case you noticed it missing. I wasn't sure how to represent laughter. I have enjoyed your Elf on the Shelf posts! Our elf, Pippin, has been up to his own antics! :)