Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our Jesse Tree - Day 6

On Day 6 of our Advent study, we talked about Isaac's birth.  The theme of this day's ornament was laughter, since Isaac's name means "laughter."  This posed a bit of a challenge.  How do you represent laughter without compromising the reverence of this project?  I finally came up with the idea of intersecting the two words, "Isaac," and "laughter" at the "A" and placing them in the shape of the cross, since Isaac is in Christ's lineage.  We took some adhesive letters for scrapbooking and placed them on a cross we cut out from gold poster board.
 Once they were placed, we decided to laminate our cross so that no letters would peel off.
 We cut out the cross from the remainder of the laminating paper, punched a hole at the top, and placed it on a hook!
 Then, Maggie found a great spot for it on our Jesse tree!
 We were happy with it!

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