Wednesday, November 19, 2014


In today's history lesson (Lesson 28, The Mystery of History, Volume I), we learned about Samson.
After we read about Samson from our text, we watched this YouTube cartoon about him.
Then, we made the "Samson's Hair" craft we found at, using a sentence strip, two 9x12" sheets of black construction paper, and a stapler.  (We also used a bit of tape over the staples to keep her hair from getting caught in them.)  The instructions from the site read, "Staple sentence strip to fit your head. Then cut slits up the black paper leaving about 1 inch solid at the top. The more slits you cut, the more hair Samson will have. After you are done cutting the slits to make hair, staple the black to the sentence strip."  She was very proud of the result!  
 Next, we piled some boxes up high in our hallway to serve as the pillars of the temple that Samson pushed.
 (This is her maddest Samson face!)
 And the walls came tumbling down!
 Next in history, we will be studing the Zhou Dynasty.  Check back with us!


  1. Darling! As usual!

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