Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Legend of the Trojan Horse

In today's history lesson, Lesson 25 out of our The Mystery of History book, Volume I, we learned about the "Legend of the Trojan Horse."  I loved this story as a child, so I was excited to introduce it to Maggie!
 After we read our text, we moved on to read "The Wooden Horse" story out of our Usborne Illustrated Stories from the Greek Myths book, retold by Russell Punter (pages 6-53).
Next, we watched this vintage cartoon of the story on YouTube.
Then, it was time to construct our own Trojan horse!  I found a great template for one at and we got right to work putting it together!  It turned out great!
 She wanted to reenact the story, so I got out some of our Safari Ltd. soldiers and she spent a long time playing!
History does NOT have to be boring!

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