Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Father Abraham

Today in our history lesson (The Mystery of History, Volume I, Lesson 13), we learned more about Abraham.
After our reading and discussion of Abraham, we watched this great YouTube video of the "Father Abraham" song.  (We also sang along to the lyrics and did the motions with it.)
Then, we made a picture for our Student Notebook of Abraham and the promise of God of innumerable descendants.  We got this idea from http://teachinglittleonesathome.blogspot.com/2013/03/god-little-explorers-traveling-with-tent.html.  First, we colored a picture of Abraham that I found online after doing a google search for free coloring pages of the same.  Once he was colored, we cut him out.
 Then, we glued a dark green "hill" that we cut out of cardstock onto a piece of black paper to make a night scene.
 Abraham was glued onto the hill.  Next, Maggie added lots of star stickers to the black sky.
 Lastly, I wrote part of the Bible verse from Genesis 22:17 under Abraham's feet.
 It turned out so great!  This will go in her Student Notebook for this lesson.
 For a fun snack, I thought I would make the "Bundle of Sticks Snack" I found at
http://showerofroses.blogspot.com/2010/12/our-2010-jesse-tea-for-advent.html, using pretzel sticks and thin licorice strips.  This snack is representative of the bundle of sticks that Isaac, Abraham's son, carried on his back for the offering to God of himself (though he wasn't aware of it).  This is my absolute favorite story from the Bible, because it shows the unbelievable faith of a Godly man and having one child of my own, I can only imagine the heartache Abraham experienced in his obedience. 
I found these black licorice strips at Target for a really reduced price (Score!) and picked up some pretzel sticks at the grocery.
 Two ingredients equals a super easy snack!  I simply tied a bundle of pretzels with a strip of licorice.
 She was very impressed!
Happy learning!

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