Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Over Easter, we read The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (a classic) for our FIAR study.  Maggie just loves this book!
Because I prepped this book study prior to Easter, it was nice to take advantage of some of the Peter Rabbit goodies in stores, like this little stuffed Peter I found at CVS! 
 After we read the book together, we watched the animated story from our The Peter Rabbit Collection DVD.
 While watching, we also enjoyed a snack of milk with a blue bunny straw ...
... and some Peter Rabbit chocolates and jellybeans on a Peter Rabbit napkin.  (Gotta love those Easter finds!)
After the movie, we set out to locate England.
Then we completed this "Where in the World ... Is England?" shutter book from
Once we established where Beatrix Potter was from and where her stories take place, we colored the story disk for this book ...
... and hung it on our world map.
We then colored a few pages out of this coloring book I picked up from the dollar bins at Target.
Looks good, Mags!
Next, we set out to make a "Peter Rabbit Dinner," using the recipes for this book from The Five in a Row Cookbook, Vegetable Soup, Currant Buns, and Blackberry Bread Pudding.  (Click on the image below to see the recipes up close.)
 Our vegetable soup!  YUM!
Here is Maggie, mixing the dough for our currant buns!
Ready for baking!
Currant Buns!
And here is the recipe for the Blackberry Bread Pudding!  (This one was my favorite recipe of the three.  It was delicious!)
Here is Maggie, my little chef!
Ready for the oven!
We actually snuck some dessert BEFORE the soup that night, because it smelled so good, we couldn't wait!  (Maggie then called it "Backwards Night" and proceeded to moonwalk to the bathroom, saying she had to walk backwards to her bath, which she should have before dinner!  Funny girl!)
After her bath, we had our soup and some chamomile tea, of course!
The next day, we completed this writing activity from ...
 ... and this word search from the FIAR Fold&Learn file for this book.
We then focused on the art in the book and Potter's use of watercolor to recreate the natural world.  Maggie set out to paint her own outdoors picture using watercolor.
(We added some bunny stickers to complete the scene.)
For a snack, I had these Jelly Belly "Peas & Carrots" candies.  (I had intended to use them for April Fool's Day but forgot.)
I put them in a cellophane carrot bag ...
... and she was tickled!
 In the book, there is a little mouse that can't properly speak to Peter because of the large pea in its mouth.
Maggie, of course, had to imitate the little mouse!
After our snack, we learned more about Beatrix Potter from our A Beatrix Potter Treasury.
 Here is Potter here, with her pet rabbit, Benjamin. 
For another fun art project, we got a great painting idea from, using paper, paint, and lots of body parts!  Here is Maggie's purple foot, after stamping an "eggplant" onto her paper.
 A carrot!
 The palm of her hand made a tomato!
 Her forefinger print and three dabs of a green thumb made a pod of peas!
 (We also made yellow peppers using the side of her fist.)  Once our paint was washed off, we added green tops and vines to our painting.
All done!  Maggie's "Vegetable Patch Painting!"
For Math, we made a bar graph to illustrate the maturation dates for different garden vegetables.
Then, we copied the idea we found at to match these carrots to their green tops using simple addition and subtraction problems.
 (Maggie enjoyed this activity a lot.)
 We also did some fun puzzles out of our Easter Fun with Peter Rabbit workbook ... 
... like this dot-to-dot.
Then, we reread the book to make a list of all of the things growing in Mr. McGregor's garden, with a picture of each.
 We came up with thirteen things! 
Then, we decided to make a root vegetable water garden as seen at  We cut the tops off of a couple of carrots, radishes, and an onion and placed them in a shallow dish with a bit of water at the bottom.
 Apparently, in a few days, our root vegetables will grow green, bushy tops!  We shall see!
 And, finally, I challenged Maggie to create her own garden on paper using stickers, crayons, and paper cutouts.  This is her garden!  She is very proud of it!
Our next row is Very Last First Time.  Check back with us soon!

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