Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We are on a Roald Dahl kick!  The BFG was our fourth Roald Dahl book (not sure yet which one we'll be reading next), but I think it may have been Maggie's favorite!  It was actually my first time reading it, too!
I love Quentin Blake's illustrations!
After we read the book, we checked out the movie of The BFG, made in 1989.  Maggie LOVED it, even though the ending is a bit different from the book.
After our movie, we got to work on a project, creating a recipe for a dream, like BFG and Sophie did in the story.  First, I printed off this large illustration of a jar, which I found from a simple Google search.
Then, Maggie decorated the inside of the jar with a dream, the way she pictured one would look from the descriptions in the book (lots of swirls and color).
(She also decided to add star stickers and glitter glue!)
 Here is her dream!
Once the jar was decorated, we made a recipe for the dream, which she decided to call a "Fizzwizard."
What is a "Fizzwizard?"  It's "a good dream about green, fuzzy caterpillars and sparkly stars," made with "glitter, cotton balls, 6 blades of grass, and 1 kiss," all mixed together.  (Cute!)
Before our next craft project, it was time for some lunch.  I got my BFG lunch idea from this great addition to our library, Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes, illustrated by Quentin Blake.
On pages 12 and 13 of this book, there is a recipe for Snozzcumbers, the revolting food that BFG had been eating before he had breakfast with the queen of England.  For the same, I used cucumbers, peeled, and hollowed out, with grooves cut along the length of each, like below.
For inside the cucumbers, the recipe instructs you on how to make this delicious tuna salad, with plenty of poppy seeds to add to the revolting look of your Snozzcumbers.
Here are our stuffed cucumbers!
Next, in the grooves I had cut out along the length of the cucumbers, I painted a smear of mayo, followed by a heavy sprinkling of more poppy seeds.  Revolting!
 These turned out great!
  To go with our Snozzcumbers, I found a recipe for "Whizpopping Frobscottle" (BFG's favorite drink) at, using milk, Sprite, vanilla, raspberry sauce, green food coloring, and ice cubes.
 Lunch is served!  (She was thrilled!)
 Oops!  I forgot to add to our Snozzcumbers a few kernels of popcorn, as instructed, to make our delicacies look more warty. 
 (And here is my lunch, with a little less pizazz!  Like I said, the tuna salad recipe is really tasty!)
"YUM!  Snozzcumbers!!" 
Lunch was a hit!  And, of course, Maggie waited for some whizpopping to take place after she was done.  (If you're wondering what whizpopping is, exactly ... well ... I won't be the one to tell you.  You'll just have to read the book!)
 For our next project, we made "Maggie's Best Dream" in a jar, just like the dream jars that BFG kept in his cave!  First, I had her list some things that would be in her perfect dream.
Then, we cut each item out from her list, rolled each slip of paper up, and placed them in her dream jar.
After her list, we added sequins ...
 ... glitter ...
 ... and special beads and bells (to add a musical component to her dream)!  Once everything was added, we corked the bottle to keep her dream safe inside ...
 ... and, finally, added a tag with a ribbon!
 Maggie's Best Dream!  (We then placed it in a special spot on her shelf.)
 Happy dreaming!

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