Friday, February 28, 2014

Miss Rumphius

Our next FIAR read was Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.  This is the story of Alice Rumphius, also known as "the Lupine Lady," who travelled the world, lived in a house by the sea, and did something to make the world more beautiful, scattered lupine seeds and planted countless lupines that bloomed along the coast of Maine.  It is a wonderful book.
Day 1 - Social Studies
After we read the book, we watched the video, which I found on YouTube. 
And then, we colored the story disk for his book, a pretty picture of blooming lupines.
Here, Maggie is placing it on the coast of Maine on our US map.
 We decided that this would be a great FIAR book to do another lapbook for, so we picked purple (to match the lupines) and made plans to fill it up!
 Our first addition to our lapbook was this little foldable that she had to complete, to tell how she would make the world more beautiful, like Miss Rumphius did.
 (Here is the inside.  Cute!)
Day 2 - Language Arts
Our second addition to our lapbook was this writing activity I found at
We then discussed some of the sea vocabulary words from the book that were listed in our FIAR manual, like wharves, figureheads, and chandlers.
Day 3 - Art
It was a lot of fun to study the art in this book.  First, we talked about multiple medium art, and how Barbara Cooney used several in her illustrations (acrylics, Prismacolor pencils, fabric, etc.).  We then set out to make our own pictures using more than one medium.  Here, Maggie is selecting colors of oil pastels from her art case.  (She decided to make a picture using pastels, colored pencils, and markers.)
 Here is Maggie's colored pencil mallard (This kid LOVES ducks!), with a marker sky and oil pastel grass.
 Here is her multiple medium art flower!
 After we finished discussing medium, we went on to discuss shadow, detail, and then motion in art.  I then challenged her to draw a picture illustrating motion.  She chose to draw a flag, blowing in the wind.
 For our last art project of the day, I found this great lupine painting project at, using paper, a paintbrush, and paints in green, purple, blue, and pink.  First, paint green stems and leaves for your lupines directly onto your paper.
 Let dry.
Once your stems and leaves are dry, using your fingers, dot on the purple, blue, and pink paint to make your lupine blossoms. 
 Looks great, Mags!
Day 4 - Math
After we learned how much a bushel is (which is the measurement given in the book for the amount of seed Miss Rumphius bought), we set out to complete the math problems we found at  (Mags is using her number chart to subtract 9 from 70.)
 (I love Homeschool Share as a FIAR resource!)
 Day 5 - Science
Then, it was time for Maggie's favorite part of every FIAR read, Science.  First, we learned more about seeds by reading Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (this is a fantastic resource) ...
 ... From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons ...
 ... and How Flowers Grow by Emma Helbrough.
(I was tickled to see lupines as one of the examples in the book!)
After our reading, we watched the "Goes To Seed" episode of The Magic School Bus.  (Maggie LOVES The Magic School Bus!)
Then it was time for a field trip to our local nursery!
She loved sniffing the flowers ...
 ... so much so that she took a little of the plant with her!  We joked that she should shove her nose in another few flowers and be a pollinator!  :)
Then, we hit the seeds to choose a few for a couple of projects back at home.
 Ready to check out!  This was a fun trip, and Maggie has plans to go back after she researches which plants are safe for our cat.
 Once home, we started a seed catalog.  (For the same, I used an old scrapbooking accordion book in a box, which worked great for this project!)
Each page of her seed catalog got the plant's name, a picture of the mature plant, and its seeds in a clear bag, for viewing.
 This was a great project and using an accordion book was the best idea, because she can spread the whole thing out to compare seeds!
When not in use, it pops back into its box!
After our seed catalog was finished, it was time to plant a few!
Mags made little stake signs for each.  We placed a ruler in the chives, marking the inch at which it's at soil level, so we can track our plant's growth later.
 We also put together a little kitchen greenhouse we picked up.
 All set up and in the window of our classroom to collect some sun!
Maggie LOVES doing lapbooks!  She often pulls them out months later just to look at them again.  Here she is, proudly showing off this one!
So, that's another great FIAR book under our belts!  On to the next one!


  1. I love your seed catalog. It is amazing. Did you make or buy the accordion book in a box? If you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome

    1. Hi, Sarah! Thank you so much! The accordion in a box was bought and given to me by someone who was unloading her craft closet. It is something you can find among scrapbooking items at a Hobby Lobby or similar. They make all different kinds of sizes and styles of accordion books, but I know I have seen them there! Happy hunting! :)

  2. Love your "row" and all the information you share! The accordion seed book is wonderful!!!

    Happy "row"ing from another FIAR family!