Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree Note Game

For those of you who have young ones learning to play the piano (or any musical instrument for that matter), here is a great game Maggie's piano teacher sent her for note practice.  It is a matching game, where you match the note on a staff on an ornament to the letter name of that note on a tree.  You can find the printables at this link,  I printed ours in colored paper, using green cardstock for pages 1-3 (for the tree), a yellow piece of cardstock for page 4 (the star), and three different colors for pages 5, 6, and 7 (for different colored ornaments).  (We did not print any of the pages past page 7.)  Maggie was thrilled with this game!  (Please forgive the blurriness of the photos.  I took these with my phone instead of my camera, which I am not used to doing.)
 Our "ornaments!"
(She's getting tired of me taking pictures here.  I think she just wanted to finish and she wanted me to leave her alone!)
 All done!  There are extra ornaments, so no game play is just alike!  This is a great way to learn those notes!
Thanks, Ms. Sandy!  :)

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  1. Very neat! We will have to try this next year. Also I wanted to thank you. I looked at my blog's annual report and you were the 2nd highest in comments on my page. Thank you so much for making me feel loved :). God bless, Rachel! ~Amber.