Saturday, November 2, 2013

James and the Giant Peach

We just finished reading our first Roald Dahl book together, James and the Giant Peach, and we are both fans!  I read 3-4 chapters a night to her, and she would beg me for more, so I knew we were on to something!  I decided to make a whole lesson after the reading!
After we finished the book, we watched the movie from 1996.  She loved it!
Then, we made peach smoothies, using 1 large peach (with the pit removed and sliced), 1/2 cup peach yogurt, 1/2 cup whole milk, and 6 ice cubes, all blended together.
 I added an orange straw and a couple of peach chunks and we were ready to slurp!
 Next, we mapped the peach's journey from England to New York!
 Then, we set out to make the peach art I found at, using white paper, orange and yellow tissue paper, green construction paper, scissors, glue, and a few bug stickers.  First, cut a large circle out of one of the pieces of your white paper to serve as the base of your peach.  Next, cut pieces of your tissue paper and adhere onto your circle with glue to make a mosaic collage of color.
 Once covered, we glued our peach onto our paper, added some green paper leaves, and our bug stickers to the top!  Cute!
 (A close-up of our bugs -- Ladybird and Earthworm from the book!)
 After that, we used the pictures seen at as inspiration for our own book art, using colored paper, scissors, glue, colored pencils, and string. 
 Here is Maggie, gluing string from the seagulls bodies to the peach stem.
 Our James and the Giant Peach book art!  It looks great!  Notice the entry hole she drew in the side of the peach!
 (A close-up of her sharks.  Cute!)
 (And here is a close-up of our attached strings, still drying.)
 For our second piece of book art, she drew the Empire State Building, and we added our peach to the top!  (She was so proud!)
 Our book art!
 I wrapped up our lesson, but later, she surprised me with more art that she made in honor of the book!  She is hooked!  I love when she gets into it!  :)
She even, on her own time, recreated the scene where Centipede fell into the water.
 There is Centipede, in the water, while James and Ladybird stand on top of the peach, horrified.  Clever girl!
I think we'll be diving into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next!  Roald Dahl rocks!

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